Servo Tab spacer

2016.5.19 <Servos>, Servo Option Parts


This time, we discuss a small item for your car that is very useful.


 Servo tab Spacer (4pcs)




Normally, a lot of RC car are using 3mm screw for installing servos. The diameter of the mounting hole is 4.7 mm. Using rubber grommets for it eases the vibration of the engine RC car.
We will recommend using rubber grommets for protection of the servos, but a lot of drivers don't use rubber grommets for their cars in electric powerd car. They like direct feel for steering.


When using an  Aluminum upper case, this is no problem. But when using a plastic upper case , there can be a problem when you crush on the track.

The servo tab spacer is an aluminum spacer with an outside diameter of 4.7mm and inside diameter of 3 mm. The position of the servo is more fixed and does not move compared to using just washers.  
Since it is tightly fixed the problem in a crash also decreases.

Also, when used with a carbon servo horn or aluminum clamp horn, the direct feeling is increased. Please try these setting.
However, because an impact isn't absorbed by anything, the inpact is directly added to the servo. Please use with understanding in the risk

Thank you for reading.

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