News 1/12 Racing Japan Nationals 

2016.6.30 <Race Report>, Japan


This is News!

Our driver TQ & Won in the 2016 1/12 Japan Nationals Stock Class and Open class.
They using EX-2  and RSx12 Servo. It is Stock Class and Open class.

These photo in this report  are by our staff and Mr.Yano(Also he using KO radio).

[Open Class]

TQ&WON Hayato Ishioka  KOPROPO EX-2   team CRC 

[Stock Class]

TQ&Won Shouta Watanabe KO PROPO EX-2 KYOSHO 

3rd Eiji Seto    KO PROPO EX-1KIY XRAY 


Also Many our driver playing an active part.


This race entry are 63 persons (Stock class) and 52 persons (open class) . Total entry are over 100 persons.

Stock Class.


He is Mr.Shouta Watanabe. He is winner in this class.
He using EX-2, Drop Extension and Battery stand.

Steerig Servo is RSx-12.  RSx12 were used  by many drivers in this race. His car is  Kyosho PLAZMA Ra2.0.
He took TQ in qualifying with good lap time. Also He took Rd1 and Rd2 in Final! 

In this Class, 3rd position was Mr.Eiji Seto. He was top3 in last year too.

Mr.Seto using EX-1 KIY with Drop extension and Battery stand.
His car is X-ray. Steering servo is RSx-12, Receiver is KR-413FH.  
He was 4th position in qualifying. His driving were good without mistake and got point. 

Open class.

1/12 racing car category are most old class in RC car and it need high precision drive for drivers.
In this race, 4 persons of our driver were in final.
Mr.Hayato Ishioka won this class.

He is Mr.Ishioka who is winner in open class. He using EX-2Drop Extension and Battery stand.

Many people said "He is the fastest" before this race. He took top position and  TQ in qualifying.
In final, He took 1st and 2nd round. Congratulations!
His car is CRC.

Mr.Kousuke Suzuki was 3rd position in Open class.

He was 2nd position in qualifying. But his final result was 3rd.
He enters for the world championship in Shanghai in August, too.
Let's look forward to therefore activity, too,!

He is Mr.Kazuki Yamashita who was 4th position   in open Class qualifying.

He is very fast.  Of course, All driver of final is fast.  But I think he is very fast when his mind was changed.


He is Mr.Daisuke Sakamoto who was 5th position of open class qualifying.

He is driver of Kyosho. Also He work in the Kyosho. He has been using our radios long time.
Kyosho PLAZMA rs2.0 was good result in the stock class. It was 5 cars in the Amain top 10.

Also He said he like our EX-2 and RSx12.

In this race, Our driver and customer were using EX-1, EX-2 and Servos.
These were good result.

We will support customer and develop good radios and servos.

Thank you for reading.

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