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JMARCS 2016 EP On road Japan National opened in Kei tune Speed way at last week (mid of July).
This race was hard. Mr.Goto won in the Super Expert class. Mr.Tomita won in the open class. Congratulations!

Also Mr.Jin Sawada took top position in the 2 round at final of Super Expert class.


By the way, This race category are Super expert class which uses nolimit motor and Open class which uses official 13.5t motor.
These Maximum speed is ober the 90km/h. A lot of driver used our equipment of ESC.
So, I will introduce  our these product and these usages for you.


Advantage Capacitor   No,45559

In the Open class, They used 13.5T Brush-less motor with boost and tubo function for speed.
If you use boost or turbo function for maximum speed, the acceleration of your car will be down.
Advantage Capacitor B is useful for this situation. Your lap time will be good.

Advantage Capacitor B is most useful when you use brusu-less motor of stock class with boost and turbo function. 

Usage method of this are soldering red wire to battery + on the ESC and Black wire to battery
- on the ESC. And the capacitor instal to the car by double sided tape.

* If you using non boost or zero advance, Please use Advantage capacitorA
*Advantage CapacitorA,B are products for Brush-less motor.

Advantage Capacitor A  No,45558

This is useful for brush-less motor with non boost and zero timing  settings or small effects of turbo, example modify class of Brush-less motor etc.

Every one using large pinion gear in the Non boost category race. It is importnat things the restraint to heating of the motor. if you use Advantage Capacitor A ,this effects are  the restraint to heating of the motor. Also it will be power up in all of throttle range. So Throttle operation will be decrease. And it effect to good mileage. Please see this report of Mr.Sakamoto from Kyosho.

Usage method of this are soldering red wire to battery + on the ESC and Black wire to battery
- on the ESC. And the capacitor instal to the car by double sided tape. It is same as Advantege Capacitor B.

*Advantage CapacitorA,B are products for Brush-less motor.


Ultimate Capacitor  No,45518

This products for brushed motor.  Brushed moter need more curent when RC car accelerate.
Ultimate capacitor is good effect for voltage drop when you using brushed motor. 

The brush-less motor needs large current when  number of rotations increase. 
This characteristic is different from brushed motor and brush-less motor.
So, we are preparing product for each situation.

This products are using by soldering to battery wiring.


Capacitor is Electric parts for charge electron.
These 3 products use by parallel connection for the (+、-) wiring by the battery.

Products of below are Shot key Diode which use by parallel connection for the (+,-) wiring by the burushed  motors.
Shot Key Diode can use  together with capacitor in this document.


Ultimate Booster2  No,45518

Brushed Moter have brush and commutator which work as switching circuit.
So, this is cause of high voltage noise. This is called "surge voltage".

Shot Key Diode removes noise. This is protection to E.S.C and up to number of rotary in the motor.  Ultimate Booster2 is small and light product  which use cutting edge device.
And please careful, this is for brushed motors.
This current specification is 180A. ( This is same as old Ultimate booster.)


This usage are soldering red wire to (+) of the Moter.


Ultimate Shot Key Double  No,45516

Ultimate Shot Key No,45515

This shot key diode which use by soldering to brushed motor directly.
Ultimate shot key double using device which is 120A current specification.
Ultimate shot key using device which is 60A current specification.


These products is lower price than Ultimate booster. However, high current specification product is good than low current specification products.

These shot key diode do not use to ESC with reverse. If you use this, ESC will be broken.

I'm glad there are a lot of customer using advantage capacitor A,B with brushless motors.
Also these are a lot of custome using brushed motors which is simple wiring. Please try these shot key diode which work for long life to the brush in the motors.

In case of soldering work, be careful, to be enough to do a burn and to be injured.


Thank you for reading.

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