How to update Xpansion V2.00

2018.6.8 EX-RR, EX-2, Other radio’s topic, ICS USB AdaptorHS, Personal Computer, Drivers


This time is the introduction of Xpansion V2.00 updater software released the other day.
It is now possible to update Xpansion Unit(V1.0x) of EX-2 software to EX-RR!


1, What is an updater?

The software of Xpansion unit of EX-2 have a function for updating. This is a function that can be upgraded by downloading software downloaded from the Internet using a PC to the Xpansion unit. By updating to V 2.00 released this time from EX-2 standard software V 1.05, new functions added from EX-RR and additional setting items become available.

2, what you need to update

(1) Personal computer
In Windows Vista or later OS, one USB port is required. It is almost okay to get it now (or what you have). As a detailed requirement, [* .NET Frame work 3.0 or later installed environment must be installed. However, it is okay with the current PC after 2006.

(2) ICS USB adapter HS
It is an adapter that uses USB that connects Xpansion and a personal computer. You can purchase our products at dealers dealing with our products or in our web shop. Let's preliminarily install the driver (software that makes USB usable on the PC) by seeing the attached instruction manual.
For instructions on installing KO Driver 2015 on Windows 10, please refer to this article.

(3) Application for PC
① Bootloader V 1.0: This is the software (application) to be activated on the PC when updating.


* Since each file is compressed in Zip format, let's unzip it in a convenient place such as desktop or download folder.

EXP-104UpdaterV1.0.exe in the unzipped folder becomes the application itself. In this case, you can check that there is a file / folder similar to the image on the left in the folder. We do not launch applications yet.


Update file V2.00: This software is downloaded to Xpansion.


The above ①② software can be downloaded from the updater download page.

③Xpansion Manager V2_0:It is a software (application) to take over the model data used in the previous Xpansion.

EX - XpansionManagerV2_0_0_0.exe in the unzipped folder is the main body of the application.
Again, you can check that there are similar files / folders in the folder in the folder. The application will not start yet.

③ Software can be downloaded from here.




3, First let's back up the model data so far

With V2.00, new functions will be added from the previous V1.0X. Since the data is forcibly reset after the update, we recommend that you back up (temporarily save) the model data to the computer. Even when there are a lot of model data created up to now, you can save time and effort to create model data from the source again by transferring the backed up data.

Double click on EX-X pansion Manager 2_0_0_0. exe that you downloaded earlier and execute it.

When the application starts and the window of the lower image opens, set the COM port on the lower left.

In this image (COM 3), the COM number varies depending on your computer.
* If the ICS USB ADAPTER (COM *) does not appear, installation of the USB driver has not been completed, please refer to this article.

Connect the extension cable supplied with the ICS USB adapter to Xpansion.
* Please note the direction of the connector. As shown in the picture on the right, pierce the nail so that the nail faces towards the screen.

 When the display of "READ EX >>> PC" "WRIT PC >>> EX X" "EXIT >> POWER OFF" appears on the screen, it is connection OK.

XpansionManagerV2_0_0_0 Press the icon "EX-2 / EX-6 Data Load" button after setting the COM port earlier in the application.
When you press OK in "Would you like to read model data?" Confirmation window, the model data used up to now is loaded on the application of the PC。

A confirmation window will appear here, but this data will be dedicated data formatted for Xpansion V 2.0.
Please note that you can not write to conventional Xpansion V1.0x.

Once the model data is read like the image above, the backup is OK. Turn off the COM port and unplug the USB connection code from Xpansion.


4, Let's finally update​

Double-click the EXP-104UpdaterV1.0.exe icon from the downloaded ①BootloaderV1.0 folder to execute it.

As for the application like the image above, you will be instructed on the screen as to what to do next, so I think that if you proceed according to the instructions you will have no problems。

On the next screen, you will be prompted to insert the USB connection cable while holding down the command button on the back of Xpansion.
In this case, since you will work with Xpansion separately, let's remove the Xpansion unit from the master unit of EX-2.
* For instructions on removing the master unit and Xpansion, please refer to the instruction manual carefully.

You can ease by inserting the USB connection cable while holding Xpansion on the desk with a thin bar such as a wooden stick (like a toothpick head in the picture) as shown in the picture.

If you see "STARTING PROGRAM UPDATE!" As shown in the picture, it is connection OK. Then follow the instructions of the application. Please refer to the EX-2RR_XXXXXX.bin file in the folder where you unzipped the update file and start the update.

* While updating, let's not touch USB adapter, connection cord, Xpansion main body as much as possible. The possibility of an update failure is increased. If you get a timeout error, connect Xpansion to the USB connection code and start over from the beginning of the updater application.

When the "Completion Completed" confirmation window appears, the update is completed. Unplug the USB connection cord from Xpansion and attach Xpansion to the EX-2 master unit.


5, transfer the data, work is done

Back up the model data back to Xpansion. Turn ON the EX - 2 power supply once. Then, as shown in the picture below, an all reset is automatically started.

Next, the VR INFORMATION screen will appear, so let's move on as usual "always handle the steering wheel left and right, throttle trigger once to the full length". These operations are the initialization work for your first Xpansion to work with V 2.00 software for the first time.

Press OK on VR INFOMATION and return to the menu screen, turn off the power of EX-2.

Again plug the connection cord of ICS USB adapter HS into Xpansion.

Here, it is OK even if Xpansion is attached to the master unit.

Set the COM port of the Xpansion Manager application to OFF➡COM number and press the write button​.

A confirmation window will appear, so when you press OK, writing begins.

When the confirmation window of "Xpansion DATA Write OK" appears, the data transfer is completed.
Exit the Xpansion Manager application and disconnect the USB connection cable. When you turn on the power of EX-2, model data before update can be used.

All new function settings added are initial values.  
For details on how to use the new function, please read the EX - RR manual and use it.

Thank you very much for reading this time as well.


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