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The EX-NEXT, finally released, is the best performing transmitter KOPROPO has ever released. In this article, I will explain how EX-NEXT has evolved.

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In this article, I explain the evolved communication performance.


1) Industry's highest level of response performance

EX-NEXT is equipped with the new communication standard "XT". The entire system, from board design to programming, has been newly designed. This provides the industry's highest level of communication speed and greater operability than ever before.

If only the response is too fast, it tends to be difficult to drive, but by improving the response performance and at the same time adjusting the balance between steering and throttle operations, the result is a well-balanced finish that suits the operating feel of many drivers.


2) Two types of communication methods

[XT Advanced Mode]
In XT Advanced Mode, EX-NEXT's fastest response mode, the communication speed is approximately three times faster than that of EX-RR. This performance surpasses that of the HCS mode, the fastest mode to date. This mode is one-way communication.


[XT Telemetry Mode]
Equipped with telemetry (two-way communication) function. By connecting a serial compatible servo "4S" to the B/S port of the new KR-420XT receiver, "REAL TIME ICS" can be used. The bi-directional XT telemetry mode is slower than the XT advanced mode due to the "receive" time in addition to the "transmit" time, but even in this mode, the response time is faster than the EX-RR.




The transmitter continues to send information about the operation repeatedly to the receiver, but with a faster response time, more information can be sent in a shorter period of time. This allows the receiver to acquire the driver's operation in more real time, resulting in a "linear" feeling.


3) Race results

EX-NEXT is preferred by many drivers in the SPEED KING TOUR, a popular high-speed race in Japan.
In all categories, drivers using EX-NEXT and BSx4S-one10 Grasper2 won.
  -Number of participants: 103 (held on March 28, 2021)
  -Modified class: Champion / 2nd place / 3rd place
  -Super Stock Class: Champion / 2nd place
  -Stock class: Champion
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[Driver's Comments]

  -The response time is fast, but it doesn't feel like it's going out of control, and it moves in the direction I want to control it.
  -Fast response time and easy to use. Fewer mistakes.
  -I feel as if it matches my operation.
  -I was surprised at how fast the response was when I first used it. It also made driving easier.
  -I feel like I'm getting better at radio control.

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4) Ultra small dimensions case​ "KR-420XT"

The ultra-compact receiver KR-420XT, which is equipped withthe latest devices abundantly for the EX-NEXT. While maintaining the same footprint as the KR-418FH compact receiver, which has been very well received, the connector mounting height has been reduced, and the total volume is smaller then before. 5 Connecting ports for servos or ESC areequipped. Also, unused connecting ports can be use to power cooling fans and transponder for lap counting systems.

There are two lineups with different antenna lengths.

 KR-420XT 2.4GHz

 KR-420XT 2.4GHz(Short Antenna)
 No. 21014

Please refer to the product page for detailed information on the receiver.


[Supported models]

EX-NEXT can be used in combination with KR-420XT because it adopts the new communication standard "XT". The EX-NEXT can be used in combination with the KR-420XT.


High functionality and low price

EX-NEXT has comparable performance to other transmitters, but is available at a lower price than other transmitters.

We hope you will try EX-NEXT and experience its advanced operating performance.

The point of evolution is still there. In the next article, we will discuss "Serial".

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