How to use EX-1 (2)

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We wrotea bout eact unit in the last blog. 
We will go into more detail of each unit now.

What is select for use?
(1) Master Unit
  This is main unit of radio system.
(2) Grip Unit

     Throttle trigger and Battery box in this unit.
(3) Steering Unit
    Steering Wheel in this unit.
Each unit has some different models. You can select your preferred unit.

Unit is very easy to change.

I will introduce detail of each Unit. 

(1)Master Unit
●Master Unit EX-1FHSS Ver.2 No,80520

 It is used for Normal radio control car. Also included receiver(KR-411FH)






●Master Unit EX-1 ASF Ver.2 No.80522
 This is used for Kyosho Mini-Z ASF 2.4GHz.







(2) Grip Unit
●Right hand Grip Unit No.10507

This is Grip unit for the right-handed person.
This is included battery box(UM4 or AAA 4pcs)


Left hand grip unit  No.10504

 This is Grip unit for the left-handed person.
 Also this package includes a stand extension which display in the photo.





The throttle torigger of EX-1 Grip Unit is 3D trigger and this is standard.
Trigger is a lever which controls the throttle (the accelerator, and the brake, the reverse).

You can adjust brake levar to the size of your hands.( fingers )


This Adjutment becomes the fit to your finger.
You will be able to prevent the brake lever from slipping off your finger by adjusting it to the out side a little for better brake control.

Please adjust this little by little at first.
Loosen an adjustment screw with the 1.5mm hezagonal wrench and it changes it in the adjustment.After adjustment  for best position are fixed,  lock the brake lever by a little of the instant adhesive.


(3) Steering Unit 

Steering Unit EX-1 No.10506
  This is basic unit which include in the standard set.







3D Extension Unit No.10501

 This is extension unit of Steering Unit which is able to change position to 3 direction.  
 (Use 1.5mm hezagonal wrench for adjustment.) 








This  direction of  adjustment is the anterior-posterior.
This photo is maximum Forward position. 
This adjustment are not a step changes. It is possible to adjust continuously.



In the direction which shakes a neck, it is possible to adjust to the position.
This photo is maximum left direction position. Also right direction are same.
This adjustment are not a step changes. It is possible to adjust continuously.



As for this, the direction of rotation can adjust.
Also Part of wheel and trims are able to angles adjustment.

And this includes a "Stand extension".


ST Unit Stick type  No.10502

This is stick style control for steering.
It is most unique style for EX-1.

This unit has adjustment functions (swing and twist)  same as 3D extension.
Also this unit includees "Stand extension".




To be continued.

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