Pairing of the EX-1 and Receivers

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I will discuss the operation of pairing.

What is Pairing?

Pairing are making a signal pair of the transmitter and receiver.
This creates fixed signal that your transmitter sends to your receivers.
Each transmitter has unique ID number.
Receiver records the unique ID for communication by pairing

How to pair

1, Turn on the power of transmitter.

Push 4th direct button on the initial screen.

2,System menu are displayed in the screen. Select 2.4Gband by suing the Jog Dial.

3,Push Enter key. This is 2.4Gband.

4,Select Start by Jog dial. ( if you use ASF master unit. Always selected Start. You don't need operation.)

5,Push Enter key and hold for more than 3 second. Screen is  changed, Please release the buttom.

Maintaining the condition which pushed the button is important.

EX-1 sends information of the ID number by radio signal.




Leave the EX-1 i this functo.(don't turn off power.)

Next, Record ID number of transmitter to the receiver.

This is KR-411FH receiver.  Lamp color are different by receiver.

6, Pushing the SET-UP button. And turn on power of receiver. (don't release the SET-UP button)

7,Bule lamp of receiver light up.
If it don't light up, Please check the battery and connection.

8, The Lamp disappears when you release the SET-UP Button. It lights up once again about 1 second later.

It lights up once again about 1 second later.

If you can not confirm this process, please turn off power of receiver and try again.
Power off the receiver and press/hold the ENTER button on the EX-1 to exit the screen.

Turn on the receiver and confirm the operation of the receiver. 



Thank you for reading.

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