Battery stand unit (Black SP)

No. 10756

EX-NEXT / EX-RR / EX-2 / EX-1 / EX-6R / EX-6
Expert Grip Unit2 (Right)
Expert Grip Unit (Right)
Grip Unit (Right)

*Cannot be used with Left handed Unit.
*Cannot be used with Expert Grip Unit LDT.

It can use instead of 10677 or 10546. (It is a different color)

  • The stand unit allows the use of different batteries and also alters the center of gravity and balance of the system. The surface of the battery stand is painted pearl Black, the same color as EX-NEXT Black SP.
    The stand arm can be swiveled out to aid in standing up the transmitter.
    Removal of the normal stand unit is required for use.


    [Example of mounting]

    Recommend Battery

    Usable minimum volatage 2V/cell(life battery)


    Battery stand (Black SP) x1
    Dummy Battery box x1