MR-8 2.4GHz MX-F

No. 21012

[MR-8 Specifications]
・2.4GHz MX-F Multi Receiver
・Dimension: 27.0×28.0×15.0mm
・Weight: 7.0g
・Operation Voltage: 3.0~6.6v
・Useable power source: Dry Battery or Rechargeable battery
     (Ni-MH 3~5s、Li-Fe 1~2s、Li-Po 1s)
*Please notice voltage down when using Lithum battery
・Current: less than 40mA (when receiving)
・Signal line: 3.3V
・Number of channel: 8
・Frequency: 2.4GHz
・Compatible transmitter: MC-8
*Can not use with FHSS transmitter.

  • MC-8 dedicated multi receiver MR-8​

    MR-8 is the dedicated receiver for the MC-8 (devise that receives signal form the transmitter and outputs electrical signals.). Signal format from the MR-8 is the same as general RC devices so it can be used with our RC car devices and also RTR models. (*1) If you have no experience assembling RC models, you can still use these products.

    (*1) We have confirmed the TAMIYA XB Series, KYOSHO RTR.
            But we can not test all models, so we can not guaranty all models.

    Even if the direction of the servo and ESC are not correct by installation orientations, you can change the direction of the servo or ESC operations because the MC-8 has a reverse function to change the operation direction. The MC-8 has all the functions that are needed to operate a RC car, so even if you have experience operating a RC car you will be satisfied.


    Easily instal into a RC car.​

    The MR-8 is easy to use by connecting to the channels that you want to use with the connector of each RC device.

    For example, if you want to control the steering with CH-B of the MC-8, insert the connector of the steering servo to B of the MC-8. Turn on the MC-8 and then the MR-8 to control the steering with the MC-8.

    (Sample instal) Photo of RC car ESC is an optional item.



    Easily connect to a Micro computer board.

    Signal format from the MR-8 output are PWM (pulse width modulation). This is the same used for general devices of RC cars, so you can connect it to a micro computer board like Alduino and capture signal.

    Prepared related products.

    Cables, power supply units and servo motors are necessary for electronic work. These can be used from currently available RC products. Please confirm “Related products tab” on this page.

    *Each Company name and product name in this article are trade mark or registered trademark by each companies.



       Multi receiver MR-8 x1

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    MC-8 Instruction Manual


    MR-8 Instraction Manual

    Notice for using MC-8