RSx3-one10 Ver.D Lite

No. 30134

#Torque: 8.2Kg-cm Speed: 0.08sec/60deg(@7.4V)
#Torque: 7.0Kg-cm Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@6.0V)

#Dimensions: 40.5×26.5×21mm (Low Profile)
#Weight: 42.1g
#Operating voltage: 6.0~7.4V (Lipo,Life,Ni-MH)
#Aluminum final Gear
#inside gear by brass (some by plastic)
#Core-less motor
#Dual ball bearings
#The aluminum heat sink middle case#Gold plated connector
#HCS Compatible

* This is not compatible for ICS function. Can not change setting, model memory add and change.

#Recommended category
1/10 Electric Drift car

  • ■It is specialized using for 2WD drift car by dedicated design.​

    RSx3-one10 Ver.D Lite is installed dedicated setting parameter that is specialized using for 2WD drift car after many testing.
    You will be able to stable drift driving more easily.

    This is mild parameter setting and it is less happen problem of vibration in case of using Gyro as same as RSx3-one 10 Ver.D.

     Please see hear for informatin of RSx3-one10 Ver.D.

    Ver.D Lite is make a low price with it is while taking over good point from Ver.D by change to plastic top case and change servo wire.

    Ver.D Lite have not change model memory function. but it will be demonstrated performance by setting is best for Drift car. It is less happen problem of vibration in case of  using Gyro.
    Its ability to faithfully utilize the assist effect of the popular gyro "KG-X" is equivalent to RSx3-one10 Ver.D.



    *This is not comatibe for ICS function. Cannot change setting of parameter, and change model memory ,add model memory.


    ■It is good relationship with KG-X  Gyro that is design for only Drift car.​

    Affinity is optimal of this with steering assist Gyro KG-X. Operation character is optimized for using together with KG-X.

    * KG-X is not included this product.



    Servo x1
    Grommet x4
    Screw for Horn x1

  • KG-X

    No. 60229
  • Servos

    RSx3 / BSx3 Series Manual