BSx2-one10 Grasper

No. 30207
End of production


#Torque: 10.8Kg-cm Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@7.4V)
#Torque: 8.0Kg-cm Speed: 0.10sec/60deg(@6.0V)

#Dimensions: 40.5×26×21mm (Low Profile)
#Weight: 51.0g
#Operating voltage: 6.0~7.4V (Lipo,Life,Ni-MH)
#The hard alumite aluminum gear
#Brush-less motor
#Dual bearings
#The hard servo gear shaft
#The aluminum top case
#The aluminum heat sink middle case
#Black cable
#Gold plated connector

#Recommend category
 1/10 EP on road, 1/10 EP Off road, 1/10 GP On road.   
    *Please use for steering control.

Made in Japan.

  • 1. Great steering feeling just like tires grasping the road!

    "Torque" and "Speed" are usually considered important specs.
    The one 10 Grasper has been developed with the feature of "Holding Power" which provides
    the feeling of the Torque when driving a car. The “Holding Power” is to hold the position of servo.
    If this power is strong, a steering is stable.
    “Grasper” means “holding firmly”.  The name of "Grasper” comes from the feature of grasping the road.

    2. Newly designed top case made of Aluminum!

    The aluminum top case support the stable ‘Holding Power’
    The case is machined after anodizing, creating a sharp design and beautiful edge line of the case.
    By shaving off the inside of the case to extremity, while securing sufficient strength, the case is made lighter than the former aluminum case.

    The black wire servo leads with cool appearance provides suitable softness for installation, while securing necessary current capacity.


    3. Inheriting the BSx system!

    The redesign of the motor drive calculations produced a powerful linear steering feeling.
    The installed factory setting is useful for driving a car, but further adjustments of the parameters can be set by utilizing the ICS functionality with a PC.


    You can change servo's setting when you use our software" ICS Servo Manager".
    Ex, parameter of stretch. More retentivity in High grip condition, less retentivity in Low grip situation,
    You can select value by grip situation for best setting servos.


    This model has 2 model settings which were installed at our factory.
    Model2 has been selected by factory. 

    Model1:High  This is maximum power and response.
    Model2:Normal   This is factory setting when released. This is best balanced setting for many drivers.

    You can change this model setting easily by using No.61029 Servo Model Selector without a PC. 


    The servo is powered on there may be a slight glitch, this is normal (situation).
    We recommend this servo use for steering control.


    Servo x1
    Grommet x4
    Screw for Horn x1

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  • Servos

    BSx2 Manual

    KO Driver

    KO Driver 2015

    Servo Manager

    ICS ServoManager Software Ver2.0.1.0
    This software can setting for RSx/BRx2/RSxone10/BSx2one10/RSx-12. Also you can use setting data from our.


    BSx2/ 3 Servos Factory setting data(for ICS Servo Manager2.0)
    This is factory setting data which can use by Servo Manager2.0.

  • About ServoModelSelector
    How to install KO Driver 2015 to Windows10