Ultimate Capacitor

No. 45518

  • There is an effect which raises the wallop of the motor standing-up by installing in the power of ESC.
    This is compatible for high voltage battery. 
    These are  effect is anti noise performance too.

    Capacitor is useful for the startup. Booster and Shot Key Diode are useful for the top speed.
    Please use combination items by your selection.

    *This is option for Brushed Motor.
     Can not use with Brushless Motor.


    Ultimate capacitor x1

    Heat shrinkable tube x1

  • Ultimate ShotKeyDiode

    End of production
    No. 45515

    Ultimate ShotKeyDiode(Double)

    End of production
    No. 45516

    Ultimate Booster 2

    No. 45524
  • Option for ESC