EX-1 KIY ASF Ver.3

No. 80537
End of production


#Dimensions:230x135x100mm(It doesn't contain a prominence.)
#Weight:590g(not included Battery)
#Master Unit:80522 ASF Master unit
#Steering Unt:10506 Steering Unit EX-1
#Grip Unit:10526 Expert Grip
#Operating system:steering wheel & throttle trigger
#Transmit frequency band:2.4GHz
#Power source:RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4, or 4 cell battery pack
#Current consumption:less than 60mA
#Compatible receivers(unit): Kyosho 2.4GHzASF Mini-Z, dNaNo

Made in Japan.

  • The name EX-1 comes from the World-first Wheel & Trigger type radio of ours.
    EX-1 radios have been in the hands of many drivers who took many race titles.
    Now the EX-1 has been renewed with new technology and the K.I.Y concept. 
    This is the Official transmitter for "Kyosho mini-Z Cup" and it can control the Kyosho ASF Mini-Z.

    *This can not be used for MHS system, ASF only.

    High performance CPU &2.7inch LCD

    Adopting a new CPU that is 20% faster than our previous system. The 16bit processor inside this master unit allows quick data processing and securely performing delicate control. The large size LCD allows various function configurations at a quick glance.

    Expert grip

    Optimum feeling for the driver is offered with the new trigger enlargement for a more effective stroke and ergonomic design which allows a high dimension of delicate throttle work.

    40 model memory

    EX-1 provides a large capacity model memory that can hold data for up to 40 cars.


    KO PROPO introduces the Patented Kustomize It Yourself (K.I.Y.) an interchangeable transmitter. The concept of the new K.I.Y. brings simplicity to customizing and upgrading within a modular system. The new transmitter is composed of 3 modular units: Steering, Throttle and Master units. The three separate modular units can be easily put together, no screws required. Just push the safety lock of the joint, pull the lever and pull or push to insert or remove the modular unit. It’s that simple! You can use the K.I.Y. to unlock your next system and bring more enjoyment to your hobby. US Pat No. 8,845,386 B2

    EX-1 KIY Ver.3 Highlights​

    Expert Grip 
    The grip pad 2 equipped with the Expert Grip provides new hold feeling.
    Optimum feeling for the driver is offered with the new trigger enlargement for a more effective stroke and ergonomic design which allows a high dimension of delicate throttle work.
    There is no modification to the Master Unit software from Ver.2.
    Customers with previous versions can use the expert grip unit or grip pad 2.
    The 'Expert Grip' can be utilized with any of the current master units.


    Select, Name, Copy, Reset

    Trim, Travel, Balance, SubTrim, TrimRate, TurnSpeed, ReturnSpeed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Travel Override

    Trim, Point, Brake, SubTrim, TrimRate, TurnSpeed, ReturnSpeed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, DragBrake, Brake Override, ABS, Accel, AutoStart, IdleUp

    2WAY: 2 positions setting
    3WAY: 3 positions setting
    5WAY: 5 positions setting
    ANALOG: 25 steps and end position setting
    T-MIX: Brake setting


    StopWatch, DownTimer, LapHistory

    Monitor, LEDcolor, BackLight, Contrast, SoundVol, Buzzer, KeyRepeat

    Response, Setup, DirectBT, Steering AdjustVR, Throttle AdjustVR, OP-Timer, 2.4GBand, PowerManagement, AllReset, ICS


    Master Unit EX-1 ASF Ver2 x1
    Steering Unit x1
    Expert Grip Unit(right) x1
    Normal stand unit x1

  • Master Unit EX-1FHSS Ver2 with KR-413FH

    End of production
    No. 80543

    Master Unit EX-2

    No. 80557

    Drop Extension Unit

    End of production
    No. 10549

    Battery stand Unit

    No. 10546

    ST Unit Stick Type for KIY

    End of production
    No. 10502

    ExpertGrip (left)

    No. 10527

    KR-413FH Micro Receiver

    End of production
    No. 21007

    KR-241FH 2.4GHz FHSS

    End of production
    No. 21008

    KR-211FH 2.4GHz FHSS

    End of production
    No. 21005

    LCD Color panel Red for EX-1 KIY

    End of production
    No. 10553

    Aluminum screw Set for EX-1 KIY RED

    End of production
    No. 10534

    Aluminum Steering Wheel2(Black)

    End of production
    No. 10568

    Aluminum Steering Wheel2(Gun Metal)

    End of production
    No. 10569

    Color Grip2( Gray)

    No. 10530

    Color Grip2 (Blue)

    No. 10532
  • Radios

    EX-1 ASF Manual

    KO Driver

    KO Driver 2015

    Radios Manager

    EX-1(KIY) Manager Software Ver1.1

    EX-1(KIY) Manager Software Ver1.0

  • Setting of fail safe
    Pairing of the EX-1 and Receivers
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