EX-5FH TRset

No. 80600
End of production


#Dimensions: 221×172×94mm(It doesn't contain a prominence and an antenna.)
#Weight: 340g(does not contain Baterry)
#Battery: UM-3 or AA 8pcs (sold separately)
#Number of channel: 3
#Frequency: 2.4GHz(FHSS)
#Model memory: 7
#Receiver KR-211FH included.
#Other compatible receivers: KR-415FHD / KR-413FH / 241FH / 212FHG / 211FH

*This can not use rechargeable Batteries (Ni-MH,Li-po,Li-fe)
*KR-211FH is included in this set. KR-211FH is a 2ch receiver. if you use a 3rd channel, you must buy a 4ch receiver.

Made in Japan.

  • EX-5FH which obtained a colorful feature and convenience.


    It is possible to control a colorful feature with the LCD.
    It is optimal for a step-up for an entry to the middle class. It not only the features the minimum settings necessary for the machine to run, but includes the curve and the ABS functions as well.
    Save settings for up to seven machines with the model memory feature.

    What is the curve Function?
    This function allows the change of dynamic-characteristic of the steering and the throttle.
    For example, it can be adjusted to how the steering wheel turns and whether or not it turns sharply or loosely in the first half or in the second half of a turn.

    What is the ABS Function ?
    This is a pumping of the braking function. The pumping of the braking is an operation which repeats ON/OFF cycling of the brake.
    Slamming of the brakes after an acceleration can cause the tires to slip and machine not to stop quickly.
    Utilizing this function allows for a more stable braking which is automatic when brakes are gently applied.
    In the ABS feature, the setting can be set for small or large pumping action to achieve your braking preference.

    EX-5 has DDS function which is same as the high end models.

    DDS (Direct Digital System) uses the high-speed information processing ability. EX-5 is a low price but has the operability which is the same as an advanced transmitter.

    It adopts the 2.4GHz FHSS which is the same as EX-1.

    Realizing the severe operation has to be stable and reliable in any environment.
    The same receivers as the EX-1 or EX-2 can be used because it use same communication method.

    This is 3 channel specification which is compatible for Gyro receivers.
    This is compatible with KR-212FHG.  You can adjust Gyro gain for Steering by 3rd channel operation while driving a car.
    **This is incompatible for gain control of throttle.(This function requires a 4th channel in transmitter)


    EX-5FH ×1
    Receiver: KR-211FH ×1

  • KR-415FHD

    No. 21009
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