Aluminum Screw Set for EX-RR/EX-2/LDT/NEXT Manual


EX-NEXT Instruction Manual
EX-NEXT & MINI-Z EVO/EVO2 Receiver Unit Startup Guide
Drop Extension Unit 2.1 Instruction Manual
LCD Xpansion unit 2 EXP-201 Startup Guide
EX-LDT/EX-RR/2(XpansionVer2.15)Instruction Manual
Xpansion Keys EXP-801 for MFC-02/MFC-03 Manual
Lay Down Trigger Unit Manual
Drop Extension Unit2 Manual
MC-8 Instruction Manual
EX-LDT/EX-RR/2(XpansionVer2.12)Instruction Manual
EX-RR Ver2.1 Manual
EX-RR Ver2.0 Manual
EX-2 Manual
EX-1 KIY Manual
EX-1 ASF Manual
ESPRIT-4 Manual
ESPRIT3 Manual
EX-5FH Manual
EX-1UR Manual
EX-5UR Manual
3D Extension Manual
Drop Extension Manual
ST Unit Stick Type Manual
Steering Unit Manual
Expert Grip(left) Manual
Expert Grip Unit(Right) Manual
Battery Stand unit Manual
Large Grip (KIY) Manual
EX-10 eurus Manual
EX-10 Helios Manual
EX-1 Mars Manual


KR-420XT Manual
MR-8 Instraction Manual
KR-418FH Manual
RX Mode selevtor Manual
KR-415FHD Manual
Electrical Switch3 Manual
KR-413FH Manual
KR-241FH Manual
KR-212FHG Manual
KR-211FH Manual
KR-411FH Manual
KR-210S Manual
KR-409S Manual
KR-407S Manual
Electrical Switch


Reverse lead bottom case (for Grasper2) Manual
BSx4S Series Manual
RSx3 / BSx3 Series Manual
BSx2 Manual
RSx / RSx2 Manual


MD-2 Instruction Manual
MD-1 Instruction Manual
MEGA Advantage Capacitor Manual
Advantage Capacitor D Manual
Advantage Capacitor C Manua
Advantage CapacitorB Manual
Advantage CapacitorA Manual
VFS-FR2 Manual
Ultimate Booster 2


KG-X Manual


Servo Model Selector for 4S Manual
Servo Model Selector Manual
ICS USB AdaptorHS Introduction


Setting Data


Grasper STD 4WD EP Dirt Off-road setting
Grasper2 setting in the Champ Stadium
RSx4Sone10X setting data for Dirt off road.
Grasper2 Mild setting
Grasper2 default data
Grasper 2019 setting data at All Japan Sports class
RSx3one10Ver.D Factory setting data
RSx12 series Factory setting
RSx3-one10Flection Factory setthing
Recommended setting data of Flection for touring stock at AOC
Recommend setting data of Flection for steering in the 1/10 GP Car.
Flection for Electric Touring car with 17.5t Motor boosted in the High traction
Flection Engine Recommended set of touring car form tire throttle specifications
Flection Engine Recommended set of touring car rubber tire specifications
Flection Electric touring car Middle grip outdoor asphalt course Recommended setting
RSx3-one10Flection Setting data for EP 2WD Sat surface
RSx3 one10Response Yokomo YD2TC recommend setting in YATABE
RSx2 Response in RC park Gojyo(Mr.Noguchi )
RSx12ICS Data for 2015Japan National
RSx2 Response setting data by Mr.Noguchi
RSx one10 Response Setting at 2015SnowBird
RSx12 Setting data for 2014 Yokomo GT national Championship
RSx12 Setting data in 2014 1/12 EP car Japan national
RSx12 Setting data 2014 World championship
Rsx2 Response Setting data 2014 1/10EP off road Japan National
RSx12 Setting data for Formura1 with sponge tire.
RSx2 Response Setting data for off road with the artificial turf
RSxOne10 Response for Out door asphalt truck
BSx2/ 3 Servos Factory setting data(for ICS Servo Manager2.0)
RSx RSx2 Factory setting data(for ICS Servo Manager2.0)


VFS-1BMC Setting data 2010 Off road Japan National

Dimension draw

Technical Guide