2017 Snowbird Nationals Florida

2017.2.7 Race report

International big race "Snowbird Nationals" was held in Florida from 31 January to 5 February 2017. At the first race after the release of EX-RR, support driver Hayato Ishioka won the PRO 10 class. Josh won the 1/12 racing 13.5 T class also.

Also Ishioka got the 3rd place podium in 1/12 moderated class. And he got 6th plase in the 1/10 Touring Class.


Suzuki Kosuke got the second place finish in the F-1 class. World GT class has also got the second place podium.

Young driver, Yamashita Kazuki, also got the third place in the F-1 class, got the fourth place in the PRO 10 class, and was able to achieve great success against overseas top drivers.

Each support driver used EX-RR transmitter and KR-415FHD receiver.

(Photo provided by Kimihiko-yano)