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2017 Shizuoka Hobby show New product

2017.5.10 <New Products>
We will announce new item in the 2017 Shizuoka hobby show. I will introduce these items. More

Compatible for HCS! KR-415FHD

2016.12.13 < Radios >, EX-RR, <Receivers>, KR-415FHD, < HCS >
We introduce our new KR-415FHD receiver to you. More

Option for ESC

2016.7.28 < ESC >, Capacitor
We introduce useful equipment for ESC. More

EP Touring Japan National soon.

2016.7.21 <Race Report>, Japan,
EP Touring Japan National soon. More

2016 European Championship

2016.7.14 <Race Report>, World
1:8 Offroad European Championship opend in Redvan Spain. Mr.Robert battle used EX-2 Radio in thi... More

ENS Round2 in Germany.

2016.6.23 <Race Report>, World
ENS Round2 in Germany. More

RSxone10 TypeS

This time, we will intoduce our new product RSx One10 TypeS. More

EX-2 Expert Set

2016.6.8 < Radios >, EX-2, <New Products>
I will write about EX-2 Expert set of our new items. More

Servo Tab spacer

2016.5.19 <Servos>, Servo Option Parts
This time,it is small items. but it is useful! More

EX-2 Select pack

2016.4.15 < Radios >, EX-2, <New Products>
I will introduce for EX-2 Select pack. More

Electrical Switch2

2015.2.27 <Receivers>, Electrical Switch
This time, This is explain of N0.61028 Electrical Switch. More

Introduction of ICS

2013.6.28 < ICS >, ICS devices, ICS USB AdaptorHS, Personal Computer
This time, this story is about ICS. Our product can use communication by ICS. It use to change ... More

Setting of fail safe

2013.3.22 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY, <Receivers>, KR-413FH
This time, I introduce fail safe setting of receivers. Our receiver has function of fail safe ... More

Pairing of the EX-1 and Receivers

2013.3.16 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY
I will write operation of pairing. More
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