Mr.Tony Gruber got TQ and win in the 2018 EFRA

2018.6.1 Event

In the GP EFRA Rd.2 in France that was held in France the other day, KO PROPO support driver Tony Gruber (Germany) took full control of TQ & WIN in 2 classes of 1/8 racing & 1/10 touring.  Congratulations !

In the EFRA tournament carried out in various parts of Europe, the top drivers of various parts of Europe, such as Germany / Italy / Finland / Netherlands, compete in various countries to enhance competence. It is thanks to the competition in EFRA that European athletes always eat up to the top in Asian and American world championships.

In the second round held on May 19th and 20th, Tony players were doing great from qualifying. He showed the speed of overwhelming others in both classes.

He using EX-RR radio system. Receiver is KR-415FHD that is Dual receiver circuit and HCS compatible.
Also In the 1/8 GP car, he using RSx3 Responce H.C as steering and BSx3-one10Response  as Throttle.

And he using  RSx3 -one10Flection for steering and throttle in the 1/10 car.

He sent us a report and a message of joy.