KO Grand Prix UK

2018.6.13 Event

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, the KO Grand Prix was held at the West London circuit in London, England.

In the same event held in the third round of the British · Schmacher-BTCC series match, the Touring Car Modified Class, 13.5 T Pro Stock Class, 13.5 T Brinyque Class, 17.5 T Brinyque Class, F-1 Class 5 classes were held.

In the Modifie Touring Car class, participants also participated in the top British drivers such as Mr.Eliott Harper and Mr.Olliy Jefferies.


KO PROPO will continue to positively hold the KO Grand Prix.
KO Grand Prix USA will be held in California, USA, on 6/21 - 24 that will come.
Also scheduled for KO Grand Prix 2018 at Japan @ 2 in 1 circuit on 6/24 (Sunday)