2018JMRCASuper Expert class Mr.Sawada TQ&Won!

2018.7.23 Race report

2018 JMRCA Electric touring car of Japan National race held in Shirakawa 2in1 circuit Nagano at 20 to 23 July.
Mr.Sawada got TQ & Won in the Super expert class. He was using EX-RR radio.

Super expert class are very hard race. And our radio system has took Japan national title is 10 years ago. This title was at 2008 by Masami Hirosaka.  Thank you Jin Sawada! Congratulations!

Also 5th position  Ishioka, 8th position Goto and 9th position Shimazaki. So 4 persons were using EX-RR radio in the A final.

In the Open class 2nd Kawakami, 4th Murai, 5th Mr,Shinozawa and 10th Shiotani. In this class, 4 persons were using EX-RR Radio in the A final.
Thank you for many persons using our radios  in this race 
Congratulations all of our drivers!
This class is very difficult for win in the race long time. But we will developing good radio for successful for the each races.
Please expect our products in the future.
Thank you!