KO GrandPrix USA 2019

2019.7.9 Race report

KO Grandprix USA was held in the Steel City RC Speedway at end of June.
IFMAR World Champion ship will be held in this track at Oct.

We had 208 entires with 160 drivers.
This race went very smoothly and the weather was great. 


1. Bryce Butterfield (Xray)
2. Walter Diaz  (Serpent)
3. Mike Swauger [TQ] (Xray)
4. Scott Barnes (WRC)
5. Luke Pittman  (Xray)
6. Black Bell  (Xray)
7. David Blakeney  (Serpent)
8. Dorian Tisdale  (Capricorn)
9. Rand Caster  (WRC)
10. Scott Fisher  (Capricorn)
11. Irvin Cole  (Mugen)
12. Michael Palazzola  (Mugen)

1/8 オープンクラス

1. JJ Wang [TQ] (Mugen)
2. Mike Swauger (Xray)
3. Christian Lopez  (Infinity)
4. Walter Diaz  (Serpent)
5.  Robbie Cerrato  (Mugen)
6. Augusto Quintero  (Capricorn)
7. Garen Hagobian  (Capricorn)
8. Klye Goodwine  (Mugen)
9. Diatta Collymore  (WRC)
10. Bryce Butterfiel  (Xray)
11. Brian Thomas  (Mugen)
12. Michael Palazzola  (Mugen)