Great lake Challenge in USA

2014.9.8 Race report


This report is Great lake Challenge in USA at 20th to 24th of Aug.

Mr.Ralph Burch sweeps in 2 class!
A lot of our customer and driver took part in 
this race.
1/10 Sedan class 
1. Ralph Burch (Xray/EX-1 KIY)
3. Brian Thomas (Mugen/EX-1 KIY)
5. Ted Hammer (Shepherd/EX-1 KIY)
6. Chris Doseck (Xray/EX-1 KIY)
7. Jamie Corrado (Mugen/EX-1 KIY)
8. Jeff Zuccarell (Serpent/EX-10 Eurus)
10. Tony Block (Capricorn/EX-1 KIY)
11. Uriah Murnan (Capricorn/EX-10 Eurus)

1/8 Open class
1. Ralph Burch (Xray/EX-1 KIY)
4. Joby Uchman (Xray/EX-10 Eurus)
5. Mike Pulfer (Xray/EX-10 Eurus)
6. Jeff Zuccarell (Xray/EX-10 Eurus)
8. Ted Hammer (Shepherd/EX-1 KIY)
9. Mike Strack (Xray/EX-1 KIY)

1/8 Masters class
1. Mike Strack (Xray/EX-1 KIY) -TQ  
4. Rick Davis (Serpent/EX-1 KIY)
6. Dan Louis (Xray/EX-10 Eurus)  
9. Art Carbonell (Capricorn/EX-1 KIY)
10. Ron Gustin (Serpent/EX-1 KIY)  
12. Bob Block (Kyosho/EX-10 Eurus)