KR-210S Small SS Receiver

No. 21003


#Dimensions: 29.3 x24.4 x16.0mm
#Weight: 7.8g
#Operating voltage: 4.8V to 7.4V
#Frequency:2.4GHz (DSSS)
#Number of the channel: 2ch
#Antenna: Wire Antenna.
#Tin-plated Header Pins

#Compatible models

Made in Japan

  • This is compatible for 2.4GHz DSSS. And all response mode compatible. Fail safe Function ready.

    #What is fail safe?
    In case of problem in radio system, this is safety function in stop the cars.
    The receiver judges the situations and send stop signal. The mechanical crash can be prevented.



    Receiver x1
    Connector Cap

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    KR-210S Manual