SUS & Aluminum Gear set for BSx4S-Grasper STD

No. 35566

Available October
[Compatible models]
BSx4S-Grasper STD

  • This is Gear for BSx4S-Grasper STD. Recommended for maintenance use.


    Reinforced stainless steel final gear

    The durability of the grar has been strengthened to match the improved BSx4S-Grasper STD specifications. Stainless steel is used for the final gear. Furthermore, nitriding treatment has been applied to achieve the strength to withstand the maximum torque of In addition, the height of the serrations on the final gear has been adjusted slightly higher to allow the use of multiple servo horns. The number of teeth and diameter of the serrations are unchanged.

    *The stainless steel material has been treated with nitriding to strengthen its durability. The finish is different from the anodized aluminum color used in the past.


    Servo Gears : All of each gear   x1


  • BSx4S-Grasper STD

    No. 30220
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