MC-8 TR Set w/ Xpansion Keys EXP-801 for MFC-02/03

No. 80716

[MC-8 Specifications]
・2.4GHz MX-F Multi controller
・Dimensions: 150.0 x 84.5 x 61.0mm
・Weight: 145.5g (not included battery)
・Battery: Dry battery AAA x4(Separate sales)
・Current:less than 50mA
・Continual use time: 17 hours ( It will be different by each situation.)
・Number of channels: 8
  Stick operation x4 + Switch operation x4
・Frequency: 2.4GHz
・Compatible receiver: MR-8
*Can not use an FHSS receiver like the KR-211FH.

[MR-8 Specifications]
・2.4GHz MX-F multi receiver
・Dimensions:27.0 x 28.0 x 15.0mm
・Weight: 7.0g
・Operation voltage: 3.0 - 7.4V
・Battery types for use: Dry battery, Rechargeable batteries.
    (Ni-MH 3~5s、Li-Fe 1~2s、Li-Po 1s)
 *Do not mix different types of batteries.
 *Please notice voltage down when using Lithium batteries.
・Current : less than 40mA (whilw receiving)
・Number of channels: 8
・Frequency: 2.4GHz
・Compatible transmitter: MC-8

[Xpansion keys EX-801 Specifications]

・Weight: 48g

Please see and check too this page for safety using.


Made in Japan

  • <Multi controler MC-8 + MR-8 + Xpansion keys EXP-801>

    ●Various functions of Tamiya trailer RC can be operated with one push. Recommended for Tamiya MFC-02 / 03.

    What is Xpansion keys EXP-801

    Xpansion keys EXP-801 is extension unit for MC-8 which is compatible for use with Multi-function unit MFC-02/03 respectively for 1/10 R/C Pick-up trucks and 1/14 R/C Trailer Truck from Tamiya Inc. By pressing the function keys of this unit and the MC-8 button, you can operate various functions of the MFC-02 / 03 such as turning on / off the light and switching the support leg with one push

    *MFC-02, MFC-03 are products by Tamiya inc. Please refer to the TAMIYA WEB SITE about these products.


    What is MC-8?

    MC-8 is multi controller which is recommended for RC car control, modify assembly kit, and custom RC car controlled.When using for a RC car; forward, brake, reverse, left and right steering is performed by stick control. Light weight for easy handling, good dimension allows easy use for little children and also great for people of all ages. Equipped with the minimum functions used in RC cars, such as trim settings and reverse functions.
    A simple product that allows for added extension. Please refer product page about detail of the MC-8.


    Compatible with both MFC-02 / MFC-03 by mode change

    It is compatible with both MFC-02, MFC-03 that use different functions by performing a mode change. (Factory default : MFC-03)
    Also, each function sticker is included. Attach it to the unit according to the type of MFC to be operated.

    ●for MFC-02


    ●for MCF-03


    Various functions and compatible buttons of MFC-02 and MFC-03

    Shown in the list below, you can use the functions from Function 1 to 10. The functions that can be used with MFC-02 and 03 are different.

      MFC-02 MFC-03
    Function1 Light position (Light on/off each lamp and beam.)
    Function2 Hazards ON/OFF (Work/stop Hazards lamp)
    Function3 Change brake setting
    (Change functions of
    the MC-8 C-CH.)
    HORN/Support leg change
    (Change functions of
    the MC-8 C-CH.)
    Function4 NONE Hazards A/B change
    (Change the tones
    when the Hazards ON.)
    Function5 NONE Horn A/B change
    (Change the tones
    when the Horn ON.)
    Function6 Engine ON/OFF
    (Engine start/cut)
    Engine Pre-heat/OFF
    (Engine Pre-heat/cut)
    Function7 Turn signal LEFT(Turn on the left winker)
    Function8 Main beam ON/OFF (Main beam turn on/off.)
    Function9 Turn signal RIGHT (Turn on the right winker)
    Function10 HORN ON (Working horn)



    Corresponding button

    Use each function button of this unit and each button of MC-8 to call a function.


    Separately sales items for using with RC trailer.

    There are sometimes servo motor are not included in the RC kit.  in this case, we recommended for our PDS-2514 Power M.G.This servo is low-priced, yet has high durability with metal gears, and with torque-type specifications, it demonstrates power that does not matter the weight of the machine.

    ■PDS-2514-Power M.G Products page



    Children can use MC-8 easily with the small size and light weight body.​

    MC-8 is less than 200g even when batteries are installed. Children can use this for a long time without getting tired. The product is designed for use by children and adults in mind for less discomfort. Parents can enjoy the product together with children, too.


    Safety even when used by small children.​

    The security design to prevent battery removal by children is adopted.

    MC-8 uses AAA batteries, but the design securely fixes the battery cover with a screw. A screwdriver is required for removal of the battery cover from the unit. The screw also has a fall prevention washer so the screw will not be lost.


    Also the battery box design will not allow the unit to turn on if the batteries are inserted incorrectly.

    After usage, you can turn off the unit with a long press of the power switch, but if forgotten to be turned off after 5 minutes of non-use (total of 10 minutes after the alarm) it will shut down automatically as a safety design.


    Includes compatible receiver MR-8

    MR-8 is compatible with the MC-8 receiver. (Receiver accepts the radio signal from the transmitter and outputs signals to each device.) The format of the signal from the MR-8 is general RC, so you can use it with our servos, ESC and each device in a RTR set.

    (※1)We have confirmed the TAMIYA XB Series, KYOSHO RTR.
               But we can not test all models, so we can not guaranty all models.

    MC-8 has a reverse function that can change the signal directions, so it can change the signal when the signal direction is reversed but the direction of the installed devices. Also the end point can be set to help prevent servos from being broken by over operating the steering. MC-8 has the necessary functions to operate RC cars and customization to satisfy you.


    MR-8 can be used with easy operation. Please insert connector to the channel you want to use. 

    For example, if you want to control the steering with CH-B of the MC-8, insert the connector of the steering servo to B of the MC-8. Turn on the MC-8 and then the MR-8 to control the steering with the MC-8.


    【Please note】

    *Depending on the servo installed in the machine, it may be necessary to set the steering operation direction to reverse, but if the steering is reversed, the turn signal operation direction will also be reversed. When setting to reverse, replace the blinker lamp connection. For details, please read the instruction manual attached to the unit. (Reverse setting is a function that the steering servo operates in the opposite direction to the steering. The direction of operation changes depending on the mounting direction of the servo, so reverse setting may be required.)


    Multi conroler MC-8 x1
    Multi Receiver MR-8 x1
    Xpansion Keys EXP-801(for MFC-02/03) x1

  • Radios

    MC-8 Instruction Manual

    Xpansion Keys EXP-801 for MFC-02/MFC-03 Manual


    MR-8 Instraction Manual

    Notice for using MC-8