EX-NEXT Updater, Update file Ver.2.01

2021.12.14 Technical Guide

Update file Ver.2.01 for EX-NEXT Xpansion Unit is now available!

Please download and use it from this page.


In this update, "FUEL TIME" has been added to the timer function. This function tells you when to refuel your GP car with a down timer.

[Configuration example]

Race time: 45min. Refueling time: 4min.50sec Pit loss time: 10sec

Refueling timing is signaled at 4 minutes and 50 seconds, and 10 seconds after the pit loss time (5 minutes and 00 seconds total), the 4-minute and 50-second countdown resumes again, and repeats until 45 minutes, the end of the race time.


Other minor bugs have been fixed.