EX-NEXT Updater, Update file Ver.2.01

EX-NEXT updater and update file is released.
By using this updater, you can update EX-NEXT to the latest software.


Target Model

Applicable only for EX-NEXT(LCD Xpansion unit 2 EXP-201

*Not applicable for EX-RR /2 / LDT / 6/ 6R / and LCD xpansion unit EXP-104/104S/104M of the traditional models.
If you use traditional models, pleaes use " Xpansion updater V2.12for EX-2 /RR ".


Available RF modes
 XT Advance mode (KR-420XT)
 XT Telemetry mode (KR-420XT)
 MINI-Z mode (MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit EX-NEXT MC-8)


[Please note the following before updating.]
*When updating to Ver. 2.00 or later, be sure to update the Master unit to Ver. 2.00.
*When you update EX-NEXT, all MODEL data in the radio will be deleted to prepare the data environment. Before updating, use the
Backup Manager for EX-NEXT to save the data to your PC. Please read the following instructions for the update procedure.



Updated contents

Xpansion Unit
Ver2.01.00  NEW

  "FUEL TIMER" has been added to the timer function.
  Fixed a minor bug.


Master Unit
There is no change in the update contents from Ver. 2.00 released on October 29, 2021.
  If you update your Xpansion Unit to Ver. 2.01, you must also update your Master Unit to this Ver. 2.00.



New EX-NEXT Instruction Manual

Some parts of the EX-NEXT instruction manual have been changed according to the contents of the update file Ver.2.01.00 for Xpansion Unit. Please refer to the manual of Ver.2.01 after the update.

EX-NEXT Instruction Manual​



Necessary equipment, Products.

PC (Windows 8.1 / 10)
ICS-USB Adapter HS(No. 61028)

Please use KO Driver 2015 as the driver software which recognizes the products via PC.
Please refer this article when  installngi KO driver 2015 to the Windows 10.



Update procedure

Step 1. Use the Backup Manager for EX-NEXT to save the MODEL data in EX-NEXT to your PC.

Backup Manager is a software to save the data of the model memory registered in EX-NEXT to your PC. Please download the software from the following page. Refer to the manual that comes with the software to save the backup to your PC.

  Back up manager for EX-NEXT

*EX-NEXT will reset all data after the update and prepare a new data environment. Be sure to leave a backup before proceeding with the update.


Step 2. If the Master Unit is not Ver. 2.00, update the master unit first.

To update EX-NEXT, use the "Updater Software" below. Download the software from below and unzip the compressed file to a desired location. For the software operation procedure, refer to the manual provided.

 EX-NEXT Update software Ver1.00


Use the updater software to write the latest update file to the Master Unit. Please download the file from the following link and unzip it.

 Update file ( for Master unit) Ver 2.00.00

*If your Master Unit is already Ver. 2.00, you do not need to update it again. Please proceed to Step 3.


Step 3. Update Xpansion Unit to Ver.2.01

Download the update file from below and unzip it. Use the same updater software to write to EX-NEXT.

 Update file ( for Xpansion ) Ver2.01.00

If you restart EX-NEXT after updating the Xpansion Unit, [ALL RESET] will be executed automatically. This will set all the data in EX-NEXT to the initial values and create an environment in which the installed update file can operate. In rare cases, the screen [ALL RESET] shown in the figure below may not be displayed; if you do not execute [ALL RESET], the software cannot operate normally, so please execute [ALL RESET] manually by referring to P.47 of the "EX-NEXT Instruction Manual".


Step 4. Use the Backup Manager for EX-NEXT to write the MODEL data saved on the PC to EX-NEXT.

This step completes the update process.



If you are unable to download each file

Some browsers may not be able to download the files properly due to security reasons.
If you are using Google Chrome, you may be able to download the file by removing the blocking function. For details, please refer to the Q&A of each browser.
*We are unable to answer questions about browsers.



Previous update file

Download it from this page.