2016Snowbird Nationals

2016.2.4 Race report

KO Drivers 1st 2nd 3rd Finished, World-GT & World-GTR Class!

2016snowbird-world_GTR 2016snowbird-world_GT
World GTR Class: Mr.Suzuki won. He used EX-1. And 2nd Mr.Brian Wynn. Also he used EX-1. And 3rd Mr.Mario Ficco used EX-10 Eurus.(photo left)

WorldーGT class: Won& TQ: Mr.Josh Cyrul  2nd:Mr.Steve Boice 3rd:Mr.Max Kuenning     They used EX-1. And 5 person used KOPROPO in A fainal(Photo center)
Also Mr. Josh Cyrul won in the Pro Modified Oval class (Photo bottom)