RSx3-one10 Response

No. 30125
End of production


<Speed type servo>
#Torque: 9.0Kg-cm Speed: 0.07sec/60deg(@7.4V)
​#Torque: 7.0Kg-cm Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@6.0V)

#HCS Compatible

#Dimensions: 41×25.5×21mm (Low Profile)
#Weight: 51.0g
#Oprating voltage: 6.0 to 7.4V (Lipo,Life,Ni-MH)
#The hard alumite aluminum gear
#Core-less Motor
#Dual ball bearings
#Hard servo gear shaft
#The aluminum heat sink middle case
#Gold plated connector
#Black cable

#Recommend category
 1/10 EP On road, 1/10 GP On road, 1/10 EP Off road.
   *Please use to steering control.

Made in Japan.

  • HCS Compatible.

    HCS (High speed Communcation System) is the new high speed communication system between the receiver to the servo. The HCS mode shortens communication time of the signal which is compressed. HCS compatible servos is changing mode automatically by signal from receiver. So HCS compatible servos can use with all receivers.  
    If you want to use servos by HCS, please use with HCS compatible receivers.

    RSx3 series is equipped with a Coreless motor.

    The RSx3-one10 Response provides a smooth operating feeling by the use of a Coreless motor.
    A smooth cornering characteristic is provided.

    Installed preset settings

    The following factory MODEL settings are pre-installed. 
    You can chenge setting by Servo model selector.

    Model1: Standard setting(All category)
             2:Mild setting
             3:Standard setting
             4:Standard setting
             5:Standard setting

    *Model1 has been selected in factory setting.

    Made in Japan

    The RSx2-one10 series: all essential parts such as the case, the gear, the motor are made in Japan.
    At the domestic factory the close inspections are executed through the delivery to secure “Thorough Made in Japan” product reliability.


    Current servos have the appearance of high speed and high power from the response of 2.4GHz and the power from Li-po batteries respectively. This creates a huge demand upon the servo. The RSx is the racing servo with the durability and operability to employ this high-spec demand.


     You can change servo's setting when you use our software" ICS Servo Manager".
    Ex, parameter of stretch. More retentivity in High grip condition, less retentivity in Low grip situation,
    You can select value by grip situation for best setting servos.




    Servo x1
    Grommet x4
    Screw for Horn x1

  • Carbon Servo Horn 16.5mm

    End of production
    No. 36026

    Carbon Servo Horn 18.5mm

    End of production
    No. 36027

    Carbon Servo Horn 20.0mm

    End of production
    No. 36028

    Servo Model Selector

    End of production
    No. 61029

    ICS-USB Adapter HS

    No. 61028
  • Servos

    RSx3 / BSx3 Series Manual

    KO Driver

    KO Driver 2015

    Servo Manager

    ICS ServoManager Software Ver2.0.1.0
    This software can setting for RSx/BRx2/RSxone10/BSx2one10/RSx-12. Also you can use setting data from our.


    RSx3 one10Response Yokomo YD2TC recommend setting in YATABE

    Dimensions draw RSx-one10/RSx-one10 Response/RSx3-one10 Response


    Servo Fitting Chart
    Fitting chart for various KO Servo.


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