MD-1(Quick Reverse Type)

No. 40453

#Speed contoroller for Brushed motor 
#SIze: 27x20.5x4.4mm
#weight: 3.0g (only a main part)
#Compatible Motors: Small DC motor of less than 370 type.
                                 (stall curennt less than 4.0A)
#Compatibe other devices.
 LED with current limitting  or Buzzer.
 (Can not use for Piezoelectric buzzer, speaker.)

#Control method: PWM control
#Operating Voltage: 3.0 to 6.6V
  (Dry battery 2 to 4cells, Nicd NiMH 3 to 5cells,LiFe 1-2 cells, Lipo 1cell)
#Drive Frequency: about 4KHz
#BEC output: none

  • Low-priced speed controller for small motors​

    MD-1 is an ESC (electric speed controller) dedicated to small motors. Compatible with brushed motors up to 370 sizes. It is flat and lightweight so that it can be easily mounted on RC car kits and work sets, so it can be easily fixed with commercially available double-sided tape.

    Upper Photo is example of installing to Tamiya Dancing rider.
    MR-8 and other devices are sepalate sales.


    "Quick Reverse Type" suitable for low speed RC car operation.

    MD-1 has 3 types lineups. "RC CAR ESC TYPE” has brake and reverse that is same as General RC ESC.
    “Quick Reverse” is recommended for low speed RC car. This is simple operation with forward and reverse. And “Neutral Brake Type” is recommended for Robot or model with caterpillar.

    Operation of “RC car ESC Type” is same as ESC for General RC car. If you do operate reverse operation after forward, first it work  brake. If you want to use the reverse function, it need once back to neutral position and reverse operation.  
    “Quick reverse Type” need no operation before reverse function. Every time, you can operate to direction for you need. In the Neutral position, it has small brake, but it is too small for stop the faster car. So, It is recommend for not faster car. Also a beginner using RC car will be easily understand operation. “Neutral brake type” has brake at neutral position. So, it recommend for models use caterpillar as like the Tank.

    How to use for RC car

    MD-1 is able to use to less than 370 of Brushed motor, so can use for Tamiya Dancing rider ,Mini lunch box.
    MD-1 has no regulator circuit  as like general ESC, so please use  No26014 switch harness BEC(for MD-1).

     No. 26014 Switch Harness BEC(for MD-1)


    Can also be used for LED and buzzer control

    MD-1 can also be used as a driver for LEDs and buzzers. Wiring can be replaced by removing the MD-1 protective transparent tube. Although it is a large pattern so that it can be easily done when wiring with a soldering iron, if you are not confident, please do wiring work under the supervision of someone with experience in electronic work.

    Creation example 1 Operate light on and off the LED

    Wire the LED and the current limiting resistor to the pattern for wiring the MD-1 motor. When connected to MR-8 CH-E or CH-F, the LED can be turned on when CH-E or F is operated from MC-8.

    Creation example 2 Ring a electric buzzer

    When connected to the MD-8 CH-E or CH-F, when the CH-E or F is operated from the MC-8, the LED is turned on. The Please note that speakers and piezoelectric buzzers cannot be used.

    Notice  for when  using lithium batteries.

    MD-1 operates in a wide voltage range of 3 to 6.6v, so there is no protection circuit that turns OFF below a certain voltage. When using lithium batteries such as LiPO and LiFe, be careful of voltage drop due to motor load. We recommend that you use after confirming the voltage drop due to the number of motors used.


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