Advantage Capacitor B

No. 45559
End of production
  • Advantage Capacitor B is a capacitor for Brushless motor (stock category) use with boost or turbo mode.
    When there is not enough initial torque, this is the solution for this problem.
    When this item is used, it can better your lap times.

    * There is a different effect depending upon the type of ESC that is used.

    *This is for only Brushless motor stock category use.

    Please also check "Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart for selection" are here.

    There is no effect when you use non-boost or no turbo.

    Please do not use with modified motors.



    Advantage capacitor x1

  • ESC

    Advantage CapacitorB Manual

    Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart for selection

  • Option for ESC