Servo Model Selector for 4S

No. 61032

[Compatible models]

*RSx1/2/3, RSx1/3-one10, RSx1/2-12, BSx2, Bsx2/3-one10/PDS series can not use this.

  • For only 4S. This is switch unit for model memory which save servo parameter.

    ■About model memory function

    BSx4 servos can be changed model memory which saved in the servo which is 5 pattern. So you can change and use model memory which set for each track or car

    ■Specifications of unit

    Servo wire of this unit connect to receiver which is use for power supply. And please connect servos to the terminal in this unit.

    You can know model memory number by LED's light on pattern. This pattern willl be changed by press switch in the this unit.
    Please press button until pattern will be cahnge to same number as like you needs. 

    Displayed number when connected is  selected model memory in now.


    ■How to use for model memory.

    It is different parameter is saved by factory default by Models.
    Usually, Model 1 is factory default parameter which has good balance, model 2 to 5 were saved adjusted parameter for surface of truck or cars. So, you can change setting of servo easily by the model selector.
    Please refer each servos pages for detail.


    ex)BSx4S-one10 Grasper2

    Model 1: For high grip asphalt track (default)
    Model 2: For carpet track
    Model 3: For middle grip asphalt track

    Model 4: GP sedan(1/10)
    Model 5: Aggressive



    *can not drive a car with connected this unit. Please remove this unit after using and returm wiring etc.

    *This are not can be use with before RSx3/BSx3 series. This is can be use with 4S series only.



    Unit x1

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