No. 80630

Expert Grip Unit LDT
New Steering Unit ST2
Latest version software Ver2.12
HCS compatible Receiver KR-418FH

#Weight:551g (not included battery)
#Battery: RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4
#Current: less 150mA
#Using time: 4 or 5 hours( with alkaline battery)
#Channels:4 channels 
#Radio Mode: FHSS / MHS (for Kyosho MiniZ, It is official radio fo Kyosho MiniZ Cup)
# Model memory: 35
#Other Compatible receivers: KR-415FHD,KR-413FH,KR-241FH,KR-211FH,KR-212FHG.

*Please turn off the power prior to and during charging.
*This products does not include the Manual in the package.Please download manual from here.
*These photo is proto type. So, it may be some changed when products released.
*This difference grip size from current products. So can not use color grip, large grip and color grip2.
*Patented in Japan No.6657319.


Made in Japan


  • Introduce EX-LDT (movie with English text)


    New idea! Equipped with Lay Down Trigger!​

    A new idea to lay down the operation axis of the trigger by 90 degrees. This sensation that you can squeeze and press naturally with your fingertips. Ergonomic design that does not disturb the movement of the fingers realizes a seamless and highly linear operation feeling over the entire stroke. Makes accelerator work and braking smoother and more enjoyable. "EX-LDT" is born, which seems to improve Dora Tech for both one and two ranks. This appearance, which is also focused on the quality of operation feeling, takes you to a new dimension. Also, this is adjustable for using by children who has small hands  * There are limit by Hand size.

    Adjustable lever space for Finger size

    Everyone’s finger size is different. The adjustability by moving spacer, so many different size can be accommodated.  It is1mm step and maximum 5mm.

    Throttle unit can slide forward and back.

    Adjust throttle position by hand size or finger length. Also, this is adjustable for using by children who has small hands  * There are limit by Hand size.

    Tension adjustment

    Tension of trigger spring can be adjusted to your preference.

    Wide lever(Included)

    Normal width 17mm lever and a 21mm width lever is included. Please use one you prefer.


    Sensor is same as using Expert Grip2, Drop down extension2 which was particular about the durability and the feeling of operation.

    Charge battery by connecting to stand

    Balance terminal extension cable is included. You can charge the battery without removing the battery from the transmitter.

    *This compatible connecttor is XH (3 pins).
    *Compatible Battery size (Maximum):88x18x32cm

    New Drop down extension Unit 2

    Superior durability and operation feeling led by new angle sensor.

    We adopt new angle sensor which was particular about the durability and the feeling of operation for both steering and throttle. Prevents deterioration of durability and operational feeling due to wear, which can be said to be the problem of contact sensors. Along with smooth operation feeling by smoother sliding, we realize high durability that is approximately 100 times compared with the prior sensor. Therefore, the best feeling of operation can be maintained for a long time. In addition, the new sensor outputs a more linear signal to the Master Unit. You can control the ESC and servo with a detailed operation sense. A realization of a sense of unity between people and cars.

    Increased the number of ball bearings that support the steering shaft for higher accuracy!

    Increased the number of ball bearings that support the steering shaft for higher accuracy!
    The number of ball bearings supporting the steering shaft has been increased from one to two. The double-support type supports higher precision operation and reliability.

    The soft spring which can be operated with a constant tension.

    The normal spring included in the extension unit has been modified. The previous spring used was a progressive spring becoming stiffer as the wheel angle increased, but the new softer spring give a linear stiffness as the wheel angle increases. Since the spring tension can be adjusted, you can set the spring tension to your personal preference.

    Update software V2.12

    Xpansion software is update. This is the latest version.

    21.May.2021 We released EX-2/RR/LDT Xpansion Updata V2.15.


    Break-in function is added.


    This function is useful at break-in which many EP car drivers do for diff-oil maintenance and after ball diff assembly.
    You are able to fix the throttle to Low by setting a time limit before driving. This is a function to minimize the feeling change of the cornering characteristics due to the temperature change of the differential before a run.
    Not only the operating time can be changed but also the throttle input can be adjusted to your preferred speed. In addition, the break-in function starts with an assigned ET/BT key and the buzzer of the EX-RR sounds during operation so you can see immediately that the break-in function is activated. Also, in case of an emergency we have also equipped the function to stop in case of an emergency by operating the key again.


    Hand break function is added.


    In a real drift car, there is a method of pulling the hand brake while keeping the accelerator ON to make a better chance of a drift.
    We added a hand brake function that will allow us to use this technique that is very similar. Like an actual vehicle, even if you operate the throttle trigger the set amount of brake will be applied only while operating the assigned ET/BT key as long as the throttle trigger is operated. In addition to drift cars, this can be used for regular RC cars to create an understeer feeling.


    Other updates to functions in XpansionV2.12

    #Added alert and changed operating procedure in the ALL REST function.
    #Display of 3CH/4CH positions is changed to display a Value (ex. NOW:+100)
    #Added changeable value in the Gyro mode of 3CH/4CH
    #Steering direct function is changed so that it can be stopped by adding to Steering > Travel menu.
    #Other small bugs fixed



    KR-418FH included

    Included receiver is the KR-418FH which is compatible with the new HCS operation.
    Please try a higher response feeling using with the RSx3/BSx3 servos.

    Please detail of HCS is here.






    Function Summary

    Model Select / Model Name / Model Copy / Model Reset / All Reset/35 Models

    Display / Battery / Calculator / Sound / VR Information / Config / Key Speed / Menu Speed / Language / Operation time / User timer

    Steering Travel / Steering Balance / Steering Trim/Steering Sub Trim / Steering Trim rate / Steering Speed Turn(2way) / Steering Speed return (2way) / Steering Curve / Steering Punch / Steering Feel / Steering Response / Steering Auto Trim / Steering Auto Balance /Steering Reverse

    Throttle travel F / Throttle travel B / Throttle Trim/Throttle Sub Trim / Throttle Trim rate / Throttle Speed Turn(3way) / Throttle Speed reTurn(3way) / Throttle Curve / Throttle Punch / Throttle Feel / Throttle Response / Push Control/ ACCEL / ABS / Auto Start / Idle Up / Neutral Brake / Throttle Override / Throttle Reverse/Break-in/Hand-brake

    KEY Setting / 2WAY / 3WAY / 5WAY / ANALOG / Gyro / Twin Servo / 4WS/AMP Mixing / Throttle Mixing / Trim Set

    Timer Start / Trigger Start / Lap history / Start Stop Key / Lap Key / Lap Navi / Alarm time / Pre Alarm / Alarm Mode / Timer Mode (Lap Timer/Down Timer)



    Expert Grip Unit LDT×1
    Master Unit EX-LDT ×1
    LCD Xpansion Unit EX-104S ×1
    Aluminum Steering Wheel 4 x1
    Drop down Extension Unit2 ×1
    Normal stand unit×1

    Receiver: KR-418FH ×1

    Other: RX mode selector/Throttle Lever(wide)/Trigger Pad/Brake spacer/Balance terminal extension cable

  • Aluminum Steering Wheel4

    End of production
    No. 10646

    Trigger pad set

    No. 10647
  • Radios

    Lay Down Trigger Unit Manual

    EX-LDT/EX-RR/2(XpansionVer2.15)Instruction Manual

    Radios Manager

    EX-2/RR/LDT Xpansion Updata V2.15

    Xpansion Manager Software V2.12

    EX-2/RR Xpansion Updata V2.12

  • EX-LDT Trigger setting