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This article is about trigger setthing of our new items "EX-LTD".

This items has long time development and start sale.
Thank you for many customer said good feeling.

However some customer ask to us about setting this unit.
So, I will introduce this unit at this blogs.


1) What is merit for using this unit?​

Using LDT are made Natural movement of index fingerr. It is different point from using previous triggers.

This operation is push the brake torigger  by nail of finger. 
Teese are "It is difficult for adjustment braking power.", "Operation is delayed fron best timing",etc. 
Most merit of using LDT(Lay down trigger)  are problem for braking operations.
If you think such a problem, please try this "Law Down Trigger "unt.

In the LDT, throttle operation will be by operation with linear finger movement with easy movement of fingers.


2) Adjustment of LDT trigger that make comfortable operation.

There are various operation methods for steering operation of the transmitters.
We think we must supply product that able to operate by each customer and each method.

Of course, our factory setting is many customer can be used without change setting.
However, If you change setting by your size of hand and length of fingers, you will be using with more comfortable.

I will introduce our recommend setting procedure.

#1 Position adjustment of the LDT unit.

It seems 3 point adjustment in the left side photo, it is stepless and 27mm widths adjustment.
Please loosen the 2 mm HEX screw of 2 place and move and adjust the  unit.
(Please refer manual and startup guide for detail procedure.)

First, Remove LDT grip unit from master unit and adjust the position by only grip unit. Adjust the approximate position.

Adjustment full brake/ full reverse position to position where fingers do not fully extend with a margin. 
Neutral Brake/Reverse

In case of  putting your fingertip on the throttle trigger and operating forward/brake with your fingertip, I think position will be becomes a far setting.
In case of  operating by inserting your finger between the throttle trigger and the brake trigger, I think position will be  near the grip.

Please find position for enough brake operation and forward operation with fingers are not cramped. These are important than neutral position. Because  driver must anytime operate throttle or brake in the RC car driving.


#2 Adjustment distance of throttle trigger and brake trigger


If you want like operation with insert your finger to the space of throttle trigger and brake trigger, please adjust space of throttle trigger and brake trigger to wider.

In the factory setting when shipping, this is most narrow setting , but it can be adjusted to maximum 5mm.  You can adjust distance by change spacer that include product.
Also, if you prepare another length 3mm screw and spacer in the market, you can set to another distance. And can adjust feeling that the nail hits the brake trigger by trigger pad in the product.

If you like operation style that operate trigger by fingertip of index finger, pleaes adjust position of the brake trigger for prevention of slipping out. ofcause , if you thnk brake trigger is not needed, you can remove the brake trigger. And you can operation with only throttle trigger.
We think It may be easy control style for beginner or person unfamiliar operation.

#3 Please check by really driving.

Please install Grip unit to masterunit again and do detail adjustment with really driving.
You will get better feel for operation after these adjustment. 

Driving style is different by everyone, so please refer this article.
If you have another opinion and style, I think it is right too.

Thank you for reading.

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