RSx3-12 with Aluminum Top case!

More precision and the installation rigidity are improved by the adoption of the aluminum top case,
with only a very small difference in weight as normal RSx3-12.
More linear steering can be felt.

30129 RSx3-12 H.C

【Specfication】 #Torque: 7.5Kg-cm Speed: 0.13sec/60deg(@6.0V)
#Dimensions: 33×26×15mm (Mini size) #Weight: 26.0g #Operating voltage: 6.0V
#Aluminum upper case #The hard alumite aluminum gear (first gear made by plastic)
#Core-less motor #Dual bearings #The hard servo gear shaft #Black cable
#Gold plated connector#Recommended category 1/12 Racing, GTcar, F1.

The following factory MODEL settings are pre-installed.
You can change setting by Servo model selector.

Model1: Default setting(1/12 Stock class recommend)
Model2: 2014 IFMAR setting (1/12 Modified class recommend,mild)
Model3: 2015JMRCA Champion(1/12 Modified class recommend, Quick)
Model4: GT500, World GT, F-1 Rubber tyre class recommend
Model5: F1 form tyre, Asphalt road surface recommend
*Model1 has been selected in factory setting.

For the first release commemoration, The Limited Special pack
with Servo model selector (item no. 61029) is scheduled.
The selector allows the pre-installed different settings.

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