Recommended setting data of Flection for touring stock at AOC

We made new setting data for RSx3-one10 Flection that use for AOC race. Setting situation are using with Sweep tire in the Yatabe areana that use CRC black carpet.
This data make up use for CRC black carpet of very high grip, will be good cornering feel in the steering but driving are not difficult.
This data is recomended for from 17.5T Blinky to 13.5T Boosted Touring car stock class. 
And We recommend No1 setting in the Factory setting for using Modified touring car class.
Please try this data. 

*"kpd" file will be appeard after unzip filese that downloaded from below.
This is setting data that can be used by manager software.
 Recommended setting data of Flection for touring stock at AOC 

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