KR-415FHD KR-418FH case of using ESC

Q. Can not use VFS-FRS with KR-415FHD receiver.

A. Maybe Setting in this channel of KR-415FHD are HCS mode.

HCS is a signal format standard between receivers and compatible devices
that provides high-speed operability and responsiveness.
Receiver can be select HCS mode and Normal mode that can be use usually, 
but not compatible HCS devices are can not using with HCS mode receiver settings.

So,other company's devices  that not compatible for HCS mode deveices (ex ESC, Servo,etc) can not using with HCS mode receivers too. In this case, please change mode of receivers to normal mode and use these devices.

Please refer expanation for HCS by link.

What is the HCS?

You can change HCS mode to normal mode by RX mode selector.
Please refer below movie for using RX mode selector.



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