No. 21011
End of production


#Dimensions: 28 x 18.3x 18.5mm
#Weight: 7.5g
#Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 7.4V
#Number of channels: 4ch
#Black Shield Wire antenna
#Gold Plated header pins
#HCS compatible

#Compatible models
Master unit EX-RR (KIY), Master unit EX-1 (KIY), Master unit EX-2(KIY),Esprit4,EX-5FH,RF-904FH,RF-903FH

Made in Japan.

  • 2.4GHz FHSS compatible micro receiver.
    #Strong noise filtering with a shielded wire antenna.
    #All response modes compatible.
    #Fail safe function ready.

    Noise resistant black shielded antenna

    Antenna color is changed to Black from gray.
    This colorblends better for all cars.


    New HCS compatible

    The HCS mode shortens the communication time of the signal which has been compressed.
    Each individual channel 1-4 mode can be changed in the KR-418FH.

    HCS is a communication method to largely improve linearity of the servo movement. When using HCS mode, corresponding servos (ex. RSx3/BSx3 series) are required. The corresponding servo recognizes both modes automatically.


    1,Fine line correction becomes more precise

    We driving  a car and entering the corner, when we  feel "It may collide!", We will return the steering a little, but in HCS mode it is possible to perform more precise operation than the normal mode, so you can make minimal modifications.


    2,The response of the correction rudder quickly reduces the loss!

    Depending on the road surface condition of the course at off-road, the direction of the machine may change suddenly. In addition, the angle of cornering may change unexpectedly also by on road road seams as well. At this time, since HCS can respond more quickly than normal mode, subtle correction 柁 will be transmitted directly to the machine, and crisis can be avoided with minimal loss.


    3,You can run according to the aimed cornering line!​

    Depending on the setup condition of the machine, the corner startup behavior may be unstable and the line at the corner startup may not be determined. In HCS mode, since precise steering servo control is performed, such unstable situation itself is unlikely to occur, it is possible to set the cornering speed to a higher level.

    Using the HCS mode makes it easier to maneuver the RC car, enabling accurate driving without mistakes like advanced users.

    * HCS / normal mode can be switched for each channel. * Since HCS mode is exclusive for servo, please use in combination with RSx3 / BSx3. * In normal mode, conventional servos can be used like KR - 413FH etc.


    How to change the mode.​

    1,Switch off the receiver and connect the mode selector to a channel that you would like changed.
    2,While pushing the set button on the receiver, turn the power source ON. When the LED of the mode selector lights up, the change is completed。

    The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically. So you do not change mode operation to the servo. 


    Initial setting of each channel

    The HCS compatible receivers are equipped with 2 different modes, Normal and HCS. 
    Normal mode is for non-HCS compatible servos, HCS mode is for HCS compatible servos.
    The default is set in Normal mode. You can use it for non-HCS compatible servos without re-setting.
    For use with HCS compatible servos, you need re-setting to change the mode to HCS, using ‘RX mode selector (16031 separately available).


    HCS Compatible servo(May 2018)

    ・RSx3Power HC, Response HC, Power, Response
       ・RSx3-one10 Response
       ・RSx3-one10 Flection
       ・RSx3-one10 Ver.D
       ・RSx3-12, 3-12 HC

     ・BSx3 one10 Power, Response
     ・BSx3 one10 Grasper


    Receiver x1

    Connector Cap

  • EX-RR w/KR-418FH

    No. 80620

    Rx mode selector

    No. 61031


    End of production
    No. 21009

    KR-415FHD Short Antenna

    End of production
    No. 21010

    RSx3-one10 Flection

    End of production
    No. 30130

    RSx3-Response H.C

    End of production
    No. 30121

    RSx3-Power H.C

    End of production
    No. 30122


    End of production
    No. 30123


    End of production
    No. 30124

    BSx3-one 10 Grasper

    End of production
    No. 30214

    RSx3-one10 Response

    End of production
    No. 30125

    RSx3-12 H.C

    End of production
    No. 30129


    End of production
    No. 30126

    RSx3-12 GT version

    End of production
    No. 30128

    RSx3-12 World spec version

    End of production
    No. 30127
  • Receivers

    RX Mode selevtor Manual

    KR-418FH Manual


    KR-415FHD KR-418FH case of using ESC

  • Explanation of tip of the receiver's antenna.