Tebo won 2018 Siler State!

2018.5.9 Race report

In the 2018 Silver State race held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 4-6, 2018, KO PROPO support driver Jared Tebo won 1/8 Truggy class. In addition, Greg Degani also won two classes of 40+. congratulations! 

The Silver State race is a race that separates drivers with professional class, intermediate (middle), sports (beginner), 40 + (over 40) for 1/8 GP buggy, 1/8 EP buggy, 1/8 truggy chassis, It is a big race with 498 entries.

Mr. Jared Tebo, who has won numerous world championships in both EP and GP, uses KYOSHO made machine, transmitter is EX-RR and receiver are highly reliable dual RX circuit and HCS system KR-415FHD, RSx3PowerH.C are using for steering and throttle servo. He won 1/8 Truggy class. And in 1/8 Buggy class he got caught up in the turmoil just after the start and dropped the ranking to seventh place but won the third place finished!

Also, Mr. Greg Degani who won the world championship in 2002 used the JQ Racing machine with KR-413FH as receiver and RSx2 PowerH.C as Steering and Throttle control, and using EX-2 transmitter. His using iteme are not latest version. But he won the two classes of the 40 + 1/8 Buggy class and the 40 + 1/8 E Buggy class. congratulations!

*RSx 2 Power H. C has already finished production. Please use RSx3PowerH.C.