KR-413FH Micro Receiver

No. 21007
End of production


#Dimensions: 28 x 18.3x 18.5mm
#Weight: 7.5g
#Operating Voltage: 4.8 to 7.4V
#Number of channels: 4ch
#Shield Wire antenna
#Gold Plated header pins

#Compatible models
Master unit EX-1 (KIY), Master unit EX-2(KIY),Esprit4,EX-5FH,RF-904FH,RF-903FH

Made in Japan.

  • This is 2.4GHz FHSS comatible micro receiver.

    By the improvement of the fundamental processing speed, operability with full linear feeling is realized.
    Instant response performance is also realized by the improvement of the signal processing capacity that is 4 times faster than our other existing receivers.
    You can drive your car just as you want, even wheel correction or at counter-steering.

    #Strong noise filtering with the shielded wire antenna.
    #All response mode compatible.
    #Fail safe function ready.

    #What is fail safe?

    In case of problem in radio system, this is a safety function that stops the cars.
    The receiver judges the situations and send a stop signal. The car crash can be prevented.



    Receiver x1

    Connector Cap

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  • Receivers

    KR-413FH Manual

  • Explanation of tip of the receiver's antenna.
    EX-2 Expert Set
    Setting of fail safe