VFS-FR2 ESC for Brushed Mortor with reverse

No. 40448


#Dimensions: 32.6× 29.0× 19.4mm
#Weight: 25.3g(Only main Unit)
#Compatible motor: Brushed motor unlimited
#Maxmum peak current: 1200A (FET Spec)
#Average maxmum current: 300A (FET Spec)
#Maxmum current : 120A(FET Spec)
#Drive Frequency: Approximate 2.0KHz(Factory setting)
#Operating voltage: 6.6 to 8.4V (BEC output voltage:6.0V)
#BEC output 6.0v/3A

Made in Japan.

  • #Best much for beginner

    You can install to your car easily. This preset setting is good for all models.
    Connecting to motor is very easy. 
    Pleae the read manual and do initial setting. You able to have fun and drive quickly.

    # Auto cut off voltage for Li-po battery.

    Li-po battery will break when over discharging the battery.
    VFS-FR2 has a Li-po cut off mode installed as the factory setting.
    Also you can enjoy RC car while using NiMh, Life battery in Lipo cut off mode.

    #Middle and high class driver can use ESC.

    If you want to use other motor, you can use them without changing the ESC.
    Because the VFS-FR2 has no limit for the motor being used.
    Also if you want to more performance, you can change the setting.


    *Foward reverse brake function.

    *KO Variable frequency system setting.
     Foword 32 divide step positions, 64 frequency settings

    *Factory setting installed.
        Recomennd setting (please use motor as below)
       [LIPO] over 12T recommended
       [Life,NiMH] over 23T recommended

    *Reverse cancel setting.

    *Lipo cut setting

    *Please use setting software "VFS FR Manager Ver1.20"



    *You can not use setting card for the VFS.
    *If you want to change the cut off voltage and each parameter, you must use the PC and ICS USB Adapter HS.


    VFS-FR2 ×1 (with Silicon wire)
    Heart sink x1(installed)
    Name plate ×1

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