How to install KO Driver 2015 to Windows10

2016.4.1 < ICS >, ICS devices, ICS USB AdaptorHS, Personal Computer

*3.6.2023 KO Driver 2023 is now available for Windows 10 / 11. Please use this version.



In order to answer the question "Can I use ICS Adapter HS for Windows 10?", I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 this time.There are some difficult points in handling the computer, but it is safe to do it according to the procedure. I will report in detail how to install! Sorry for some capture screen is by Japanese.

●Whant is ICS USB Adapter HS ?

This is an adapter for connecting a personal computer with KO PROPO's ICS compatible equipment (propo, servo, ESC, etc.) and used by connecting it to the USB 2.0 port of the personal computer.


By putting the dedicated application of the ICS compatible device into the PC, you can change the setting, save the setting information on the PC, update the EX-2 expansion software, and use it for various purposes.
In order to use the ICS USB Adapter HS, first install the software "KO Driver2015" to make the PC recognize the adapter.


●What is KO Driver2015?

KO Driver 2015 is software that can be downloaded for free from the technical guide on the KOPROPO website.

KO Driver 2015 is the latest version and supports after windows7.

The communication method has been improved even if it is used on Windows 7 or earlier.
If you are using a KO Driver 2013 or earlier driver, updating to KO Driver 2015 may be shorten the communication time!


●In case of updated to Windows 10 from earlier windows.

From the conclusion, if you upgraded ≪If your previous PC environment is properly synchronized≫, then you will use it. The COM number of the previous setting is also exchanged.

If the environment is properly synchronized: In my environment, I can not synchronize immediately, and there is a climate that has been helped by Microsoft support personnel before the previous environment is restored. ... Let's receive the topic here that the installation of ICS USB adapter HS on a new PC has been reproduced!


●In case of first time using ICS USB Adapter HS at Windows10.

The following operation is an example of my personal computer environment. Depending on your environment, please be aware that the operation may not be the same. If you have any questions, please contact our service department.

【1】Down load KO driver 2015 form our site.

If your windows 10 is initial setting situation, it will be download to PC>download folder.

Downloaded file is compressed files by ZIP.
"KO_Driver _2015" folder is appear after uncompressed fiels.
Usually, extract menu is appear when right button click by mouse to file.
But, it will be changed by windows version. If you can not find uncompressed menu, you must use other software for uncompress.

【2】Insert ICS USB ICS Adapter HS to USB port in the PC.

This is display in the screen asl like right photo when insert ICS USB Adapter to PC.
"ICS USB Adapter is ready to use "  is appear in the window when bar in the screen is finished.



【3】Confirm by Device manager software.

Select start button in the left bottom at windows screen and open start menu.

Open setting menu, please click to "Settings" for Gear mark icon.

 Click "Device"

Scanner and printer pages is appear, please click "device manager " in the most bottom this page.

In "Device manager" , can confirm device situation in this PC.
In my PC, ICS USB adapter is appear but with ! mark is added. It means detected by 'Other device".
In this situation, can not use this. I will try update driver.

【4】Driver update

Please right click on the ICS USB adapter HS and select "driver update"

Wndow are displyed and ask "How to seach the driver software?".
Please select "Browse my computer for driver software"

Refer to driver software in the PC. Pleae click "refer" button  and select KO_driver2015 Folder.(This folder is downloaded and uncompressed files.)
Also, please check the "seach sub folders"

If you click "next" button, driver install will be start.


Install is start. And may be appear "trust this software?". in this case, please click Yes or Trust.

Install is cmplete.

Please confirm by device manager again.
ICS USB Adapter HS is displayed  in  "Universal serial bus controller".
And "USB Serial port " are displayed together with ! mark.
This is part of ICS USB adapter, so pleae update this driver.
Also, operate same procidure as last time.






Install is complete. Please confirm by device manager.

If ICS USB Adapter HS(COM number) is displayed in the Port(Com &LPT), driver install is finished.

Nmber is changed by each environment.
it will be need for using software, please record for using later.

Thank you for reading.


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