No. 40449

#Speed Controller for Brushed Motor 
#Dimensions: 32.6× 29.0× 19.4mm
#Weight: 25.3g(Only main Unit)
#Compatible motor: Brushed motor unlimited
#Maxmum peak current: 1200A (FET Spec)
#Average maxmum current: 300A (FET Spec)
#Maxmum current : 120A(FET Spec)
#Drive Frequency: Approximate 1.51KHz(Factory setting)
#Operating voltage: 6.6 to 8.4V 
#BEC output voltage:6.0V 3A(with protection circuit)

Made in Japan.

  • 【Characteristic】

    ●Normal evolution of VFS-FR which was popularly accepted usability ESC with reverse.
    ●Equipped with forward, brake and back functions.
    ●Adopt black cord for all wiring.
    ●Gunmetal plating treatment for the top case.
    ●Ultimate Booster 2 installed.
    ●Ultimate capacitor 35V included.
    ●BEC output 6 V 3A.
    ●VFS function which can be set with 64 stages of frequency from 500 Hz to 5.3 kHz at each position where the throttle side is divided into 32 is equipped and it can be changed to your favorite throttle feeling.
    ●Recommended settings for stock motor racing are installed when loading.
    In the recommendation setting you can use up to the following number of turns.
    If you use a motor with even higher output please adjust the parameter.
     [LiPo] 12 T or more is recommended
     [LiFe, NiMH] 23 T or more is recommended
    ●Back cancellation is possible when setting up separately for ESC.
    ●Thermal protection installed.
    ●LiPo cut equipment (shipped, changeable to NI battery with ICS function)
    ●Please use "VFSーFR Manager Ver 1.20" for setting software.


    ■Black specification cords, heat sink standard equipment!

    I made all the silicon cords, receiver connection cords, switch cords wired to the motor and battery a fearless black cord.  A red tube for preventing polarity mistake is already installed in the silicon cord of the motor and the battery.

    In addition, the heat sink also has a black anodized finish with excellent heat dissipation effect, and the upper case is made into a gun metallic finish.



    ■ Ultimate Booster 2 Wired!

    Special wiring is required to use Ultimate Booster 2 (Schottky for motor with brush) on the premise of using the back function. We have installed this special wiring at the factory shipment state to prevented unexpected trouble.




    ■ Ultimate Capacitor 35V included!

    Ultimate capacitor 35V which can further expect the 1st step in powering up is attached. Soldering work is required for installation, but optional parts that give rivals a difference are included with VFS - FR2PRO.

    Please refer to this blog article, there is a detailed explanation on the installation method


    ■ Strong BEC circuit safe when using 2 servos!

    6V 3ABEC circuit (receiver / servo power circuit). The BEC circuit of VFS-FR2 using not only parallel connection of 1.5 A element but an expensive large capacity element found in overseas products is not damaged even if two high current servos are used for 4 WS etc. . Since the limiter function operates even when a trouble such as a handle lock occurs, you can use it with confidence.


    ■ With lipo-cut function!

    The lithium polymer battery will be damaged if over discharged, but since lipo-cut mode is the standard setting for VFS-FR2, you can play without worrying about over discharge. Ni - CD (23 T or more), Ni - MH (23 T or more), LI - Fe battery can be used even in the lip mode.


    ■ VFS setting for race installed!

    We focused on stock motors with brushes, A setting for racing has been installed from the shipping state. Free download PC software " VFS-FR Manager Ver 1.20 " If you use it, you can also create an original setting that matches your favorite feeling.


    【Please be careful】
    * Since the number of parameters that can be set increases, the conventional VFS-FR setting card can not be used.
    * To change the cut voltage and setting of each parameter, PC and No, 61028 ICS USB adapter HS is required.


    Main Unit x1(Black silicon cable, Ultimate booster2 installed)
    Ultimate capasitor 35V x1
    Black Heat shink x1 (Installed)
    VFS-FR2PRO name plate x1

  • Europian Connector (male 3set)

    End of production
    No. 41019

    Europian Connector (male female 3set)

    End of production
    No. 41018

    Europian Connector (male female 3set)

    End of production
    No. 41017

    Ultimate Capacitor

    No. 45518

    Ultimate Booster 2

    No. 45524
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    VFS-FR2 Manual