MD-2 (Twin Motor Mixing ESC)

No. 40454

#Speed contoroller for Brushed motor 
#SIze: 27x20.5x4.4mm
#weight: 3.0g (only a main part)
#Compatible Motors: Small DC motor of less than 280 type. (stall curennt less than 4.0A)
#Control method: PWM control
#Operating Voltage: 3.0 to 6.6V
  (Dry battery 2 to 4cells, Nicd NiMH 3 to 5cells,LiFe 1-2 cells, Lipo 1cell)
#Drive Frequency: about 4KHz
#BEC output: none

  • What is MD-2?

    MD-2 is a twin motors mixing driver, while MD-1 controls one motor only. MD-2 includes two motor drive circuit in the package. It is similar to using 2 pieces of MD-1. These are controlled by mixing signals by two channels. Operation by using MD-2 is simpler than using MD-1 x 2 pieces.
    Example for using


    [Commentary] Mixing is a function in which a microcontroller adds calculations and processing to control the motors based on
    the operations at hand. In this case, by rotating one of the motors in the opposite direction, the robot can move forward and
    backward and turn left and right with a single stick.
    When the MD-2's SIG1 is connected to CH-A and SIG2 to CH-D, the CH-A stick ⬆︎⬇︎ (up/down) controls forward/backward movement, and the CH-D stick ⬅︎➡︎ (left/right) controls left/right turning.

    Example for Stick operation in the MD-2.

    Comparison with using MD-1. 

    MD-1 can control one motor with one unit as an ESC that control a motor. And two MD-1 units are necessary to control the vehicle for forward or backward, left or right turning with the upper and lower operation of two sticks.
    MD-2 allows control of right or left turning by only Ch-C stick operation, and forward or backward by only Ch-A stick.
    Easy to control the vehicle by using MD-2.

    Can be corrected even when the motor does not run straight due to variations in the motor.

    If the car bends to the left or right while driving forward or backward, it can be corrected by trimming the CH with the SIG2 connector connected.
    Example for CH-D: To turn left, press the right side of TRIM-D, and to turn right, press the left side several times to adjust.



    Name of parts


    1. Connect power supply to BAT terminal.
    2. Connecting SIG1 connector to the channel which operate the throttle. Connecting SIG2 connector to the channel which operate the steering. (In the example on the next section, we will use CH-A and CH-D)
    3. Use after pairing with MC-8 (Transmitter).
        *Please refer to the manual of MC-8 about pairing method.

    Compatible Models

    We recommend our multicontroller MC-8 for using MD-2. But also you can use other radio systems as like using with general ESC.


    Even you can use MD-2 with micro computer board by send PWM signal as like RC servos.
    ( We will release detail usage coming soon.)


    MC-8 packages that included MD-2

    MC-8 2.4GHz MX-F MAKE-B
    (MD-2Twin motor mixing ESC set)

    This is basic set included Battery box unit and MD2.
    MC-8 2.4GHz MX-F MAKE-C ESC Special set
    This is include battery box unit and MD-2, also 2 pcs of MD-1(NB type)  are included. 
    This is recommended for vehicle that using four motors.

    Caution for when using Lithium battery

    MD-2 is working by 3-6.6V of  wide range voltage. So, it has not low voltage shout down function as like "lipo-cut".
    So, please notice for voltage down by  motor's load when using lithium battery as like Lipo or Life.

    We recommended please decide motor specification  and using number of motor before using.


    MD-2 (Twin Motor Mixing ESC) x1

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    MD-2 Instruction Manual