RS Set with Grasper

  • This is useful set for HCS comaptible models.
    Receiver with RS Set setting is HCS mode in the channel 1. You can use HCS compatible servo without setting.

    * Some of the receivers in RS-set(#92391 & #92392) are wrongly set with Normal mode in the channel 1 for steering. Please check the mode by RX mode selector. If your receiver setting is Normal mode, please change it to HCS mode, using the RX mode selector. Please refer to a video guide for the change. We apologize to you for the trouble if it happens with your receiver.

    New HCS compatible

    The HCS mode shortens the communication time of the signal which has been compressed.
    KR-415FHD can change a mode to each channel 1-4 indiviually.

    HCS is a communication method to largely improve linearity of the servo movement. When using HCS mode, correspondence servos(ex, RSx3/BSx3series)are required. The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically.


    2.4GHz FHSS receiver includes dual receiver circuits​

    KR-415FHD achieves a highly precise receiving performance with the use of a dual circuit and an external and internal antenna. 

    The pale -type case desig

    This is 5.5 mm thiner  than previous models.
    So, Car gravity is  lower, and you can easy installation to the Radio box on the car.

    Shorter Antenna for Electric touring car.​

    Antenna normal length is 210mm.(Antenna socket to top of antenna.) And Short type is 90mm length.
    n the case of short antenna, Accesstable to install an antenna tube directly  to the receiver case.
    It fits into the body of the electric touring car clearly.

    How to change the mode.​

    1,Switch off the receiver and connect the mode selector to a channel that you would like changed.
    2,While pushing the set button on the receiver, turn the power source ON. When the LED of the mode selector lights up, the change is completed。

    The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically. So you do not change mode operation to the servo. 

    Initial setting of each channel

    Receiver with RS Set setting is HCS mode in the channel 1. You can use HCS compatible servo without setting.

    BSx3 one10 Grasper

    Great steering feeling just like tires grasping the road!

    "Torque" and "Speed" are usually considered important specs.
    The one 10 Grasper has been developed with the feature of "Holding Power" which provides
    the feeling of the Torque when driving a car. The “Holding Power” is to hold the position of servo.
    If this power is strong, a steering is stable.
    “Grasper” means “holding firmly”.  The name of "Grasper” comes from the feature of grasping the road.

    Newly designed top case made of Aluminum!

    The aluminum top case support the stable ‘Holding Power’
    The case is machined after anodizing, creating a sharp design and beautiful edge line of the case.
    By shaving off the inside of the case to extremity, while securing sufficient strength, the case is made lighter than the former aluminum case.The black wire servo leads with cool appearance provides suitable softness for installation, while securing necessary current capacity.

    Installed preset settings

    The following factory MODEL settings are pre-installed. 
    You can chenge setting by Servo model selector.


    Model2 to 5:GRASPER NORMAL SETTING(Slected)

    *Model2 has been selected in factory setting.

     Inheriting the BSx system!

    The redesign of the motor drive calculations produced a powerful linear steering feeling.
    The installed factory setting is useful for driving a car, but further adjustments of the parameters can be set by utilizing the ICS functionality with a PC. 
    You can change servo's setting when you use our software" ICS Servo Manager".
    Ex, parameter of stretch. More retentivity in High grip condition, less retentivity in Low grip situation,
    You can select value by grip situation for best setting servos.

    Servo Model Selector

    The Servo Model Selector is a product that changes the model memory selection of KO PROPO RSx and BSx series servos easily.

    #What is memory of servos.

    RSx,RSx2,BSx2, RSx one10, Bsx2 one10.  Thease servos can memorize settings of each parameter  in a servo.

    You can change models of servos.

    #About the specification of the main unit

    Connect wire of Servo moel selector to Receiver.( or Battery) and connect servo to this Unit. You will know the model number memory by the number of flashes from the LED.
    The number of flashes of the LED are changed by pushing the button of the unit.

    Current model number is the pattern of flashes of the LED.

    Rx mode selector

    The HCS receiver can have each individual channel (1-4) mode changed.
    Connecting this product to each channel of the HCS receiver can change the configuration of the mode setting and can confirm the mode being used.


    KR-415FHD ShortAntenna x1
    BSx3 One10 Grasper x1
    Servo Model Selector x1
    Rx ModeSelector x1

  • KR-415FHD

    End of production
    No. 21009

    BSx3-one 10 Grasper

    End of production
    No. 30214

    Servo Model Selector

    End of production
    No. 61029

    Rx mode selector

    No. 61031