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Q: Can the EX-RR be used for all Mini-Z?

A: EX-RR can be used for Normal FHSS( with our compatible receivers ) and MHS compatible Mini-Z.
EX-RR can not be used with non-compatible MHS Mini-Z.

Q: Can the HCS be used for Mini-Z?

A: HCS does not work with Mini-Z.

Q: Grip unit seems similar to Grip unit of EX-1. What are differences with these grips?

A: Carbon printing grip plates and silver aluminum screws are different. The important point is the Trigger unit which operates the throttle is a renewed design. Angle sensor is new and other parts were renewed. You will notice a good feeling compared to the previous unit.

Q: EX-RR can be use with other receivers?

A: If you use the EX-RR with the KR-415FHD, you can use HCS but you can also use it in the normal FHSS mode. The previous FHSS corresponding receivers can also be used. (KR-211FH、KR-212FHG、KR-241FH、KR-413FH)

Q: Can the KR-415FHD be used with EX-1 or EX-2 transmitters?

A: Yes they can be used. Also HCS is a function between the compatible receiver and servo, so you can use HCS when using a compatible receiver and servo.

Q: What is Dual RX ?

A: Previous receiver have one antenna and one receiver circuit. KR-415FHD achieves a highly precise receiving performance with the use of a dual circuit and an external and internal antenna.

Q: Is KR-415FHS's response faster than KR-413FH?

A: Basically it is same response. It may feel faster than the KR-413FH with a fast operation system and the highly precise receiving performance. Also, it is faster then the KR-413FH when being used with the HCS.

Q: Is range shorter when using the short antenna version?

A: The performance is the same. But if short version is used with a gas powered car, the effect on the receiver is bad due to obstructions to the height of the antenna being lower. 
So we recommend using the short antenna version for use with electric cars only.。

Q:Is Rx mode selector  for the KR-415FHD only?

A: Yes it is for now, but as new HCS compatible receivers become available it can be used with them as well.

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