LCD Xpansion unit 2 EXP-201

No. 10672

[Compatible model]

EX-NEXT(Master unit EX-NEXT)

*Not compatible with EX-LDT/EX-RR/EX-2/EX-6/EX-6R.

  • This is can change ICS setting of Servo by this unit only.

    This product has an ICS servo setting function added as a new function. Not only serial servos that support REAL TIME ICS, but also conventional ICS servos are supported. Servo can be set with Expansion 2 alone with out using PC and Servo model selector.
    It is necessary for external power (6-7.4V) for change setting by Xpansion unit 2 alone.



    EX-NEXT function list

    LCD Xpansion unit 2 EXP-201 are supported many RF mode, response mode and many each setting function which are added from EX-NEXT. It is can setting easily by easy understandable menu structureand button operation.

    RF mode/Response/REAL TIME ICS/Battery fail safe

    Model select /Model name/ Model copy / Model reset / 50 model

    Display / Battery / Calculator / Sound/ VR infomation / Setting /Key speed /Menu speed  /Display language / Operation timer /User timer  / All reset

    Travel/ Balance / Trim /Sub Trim / Trim rate / Speed turn(2way) / Speed return(2way) / Curve / Punch / Feel / Response / Steering Auto Trim /Steering Auto balance/Reverse

    Travel F / Travel B / Trim /Sub trim / Trim rate / Speed turn(3way) / Speed return(3way) / Curve / Punch / Feel / Response / Push control / Acceleration / ABS /Auto Start /Idle up / Neutral brake / Over ride / Reverse / Breke in / Hand brake

    Key setting/ 2WAY / 3WAY / 5WAY / Analog/ Gyro / Twin servoボ / 4WS / AMP mixing
     /Throttle mixing / Trim set 

    Key setting/ 2WAY / 3WAY / 5WAY / Analog

    Timer Start / Trigger start / Lap history / Start stop key/Lap key /Lap navi / Ararm time/ Pre aram / Aram mode / Timer mode (Lap timer/ Down timer)


    Firmware update function.​

    Firmware update function is supported which with use ICS USB Adapter HS.

    * Window PC and ICS USB adapter HS are necessary for update.
    *Firmware for EX-NEXT is can use for this product only. This is cannot supported EX-RR/LDT/2/6/6R.



    The EX-NEXT model memory is stored in the master unit, and memory management by replacing the LCD Expansion Unit is not supported.


    Main unit x1
    Servo Twin Extension Wire II w/new plug x1

  • EX-NEXT w/KR-420XT

    No. 10661
  • Radios

    LCD Xpansion unit 2 EXP-201 Startup Guide

    Radios Manager

    EX-NEXT Backup Manager Software
    This software is used to save the model data in the radio to the PC(Windows).

    EX-NEXT Updater, Update file Ver.3.00