KR-212FHG Gyro System Receiver

No. 21006


#Dimensions: 29.3 x 24.4 x 16.0mm
#Weight: 7.9g
#Operating voltage: 4.8 to 7.4V
#Number of channels: 2ch
#Wire antenna
#Gold Plated header pins.
#Included Gyro system.

#Compatible models
Master unitEX-1 (KIY), Master unit EX-2(KIY),Esprit4, EX-5FH,RF-904FH,RF-903FH
 *In use of EX-5FH, this is compatible to the steering gyro(3ch) only.

Made in Japan.

  • KR-212FHG is world's first gyro built-in receiver to correspond to the FHSS method.

    The unit includes the receiver and Gyro system in a small case which does not require an extra space. You can install the unit in your car without difficulty.

    You can enjoy settings the traction control in addition to the steering control, using the 3CH/4CH features of transmitter.
    From a beginner to an expert, each can find its own setting. Let's enjoy Built in Gyro receiver.

    [Connector assignment]
    3:Power Port (same saupply voltage)
    4:Power Port (same saupply voltage)

    #All response mode compatible.
    #Fail safe function ready.

    #What is fail safe?

    In case of problem in radio system, this is a safety function that stops the cars.
    The receiver judges the situations and send a stop signal. The car crash can be prevented.



    Receiver x1
    Connector cap

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    KR-212FHG Manual

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