Setting of fail safe

2013.3.22 < Radios >, EX-1 KIY, <Receivers>, KR-413FH

This time, we introduce fail safe setting of receivers.

Our receivers has functionality of fail safe for safety. 

[1] Electric car without reverse.

Please set to maximum braking position in fail safe setting.

1, First please set up your ESC. ( refer to manual of your ESC)

2, Turn on EX-1(transmitter) and ESC.
Please presses the SET-UP button of the receiver while hold  the trigger of EX-1 to maximum braking position.
Please wait a little.

3, Press SET-UP button and wait 1 second, release the SET UP button when lamp disappears.

 Release button when lamp disappeared.


Setting of fail safe is finished when lamp comes on again.

4, Confirmation of fail safe setting.

If your ESC can display by lamp about situation, turn off the EX-1. If ESC display  maximum brake position, it is OK.  

If you don't know your ESC function or your ESC can not display, please see method as below.

Special Tips!

Change connection of the receiver to Servo and ESC.
You can confirm steering servo is moveing by use of the Trigger. 

1, Change connection in the receiver after turn off the ESC.
Normally, Servo to CH1, ESC to CH2.
But we changed the connection in the receiver to Servo to CH2 ESC to B.  (refer to photo) 

2, Please remove linkage rod.

3, Steering servo is operated by Throttle trigger. Please operate to maximum brake position from neutral by trigger.

In this example, Move to left by trigger operation. 

4,Confirmation of fail safe setting. Trigger position is neutral. 
If servo is move to maximum brake position when it turn off the EX-1, It is OK.


5, Please change to normal connection in the receiver again.

[2] Electric car with reverse.

Fail safe setting to neutral.


1,First please set up your ESC. ( refer to manual of your ESC)

2, Ex-1 and ESC turn on power. Press SET-UP Button of the receiver and wait a little.
    This time, don't touch trigger of EX-1.

3, 1 second after, Lamp will disappear in the receiver, please release SET-UP Button.
The Lamp light will come on again and the setting is finished.

4,Confirmation of the setthing.
   Cut off power of EX-1. If your ESC can display situation, confirm this. If it is neutral , setting is OK.
  If your ESC can not display situation, please confirm by Special Tips.

[3] case of gas power car

Fail safe setting is to light braking position.

If you set to maximum brake position, it is over load to servo.
So we recommned setting to light braking position. 

1,Set up your car for drive. ( refer to manual of your car)

2,Turn on power of EX-1 and receiver(car). Press Set-Up button in the receiver while operate trigger to light braking position.
1 second after, Lamp disappears in the receiver, please release SET-UP Button.
The Lamp light on again and the setting is  finished.


Special Tips 2!

In case of gas power car.
It is difficult for hold trigger to light braking position.
Please use throttle trim in this setthig.

In this example. "B15" position of throttle trim is the best value for the setting.

Please try this tip!








Thank you for reading.


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