MEGA Advantage Capacitor

No. 45560
End of production
  • This is a capacitor exclusively for stock motors, which gives a greatly improved torque feeling output increase by when connected to an ESC for brushless motors. By increasing the torque during acceleration, the time to run at top speed will be longer and the lap time will be improved.
    Please also check "Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart for selection" are here.

    Carefully selected state-of-the-art device!

    By adopting a new device, we realized overwhelming increase in torque to such an extent that we have never experienced!

    Racing for today's stock class!

    This corresponds to all stock categories using brushless motors! It demonstrates an enormous advantage.

    Adopted polymer capacitor!

    Power up is proportional to the price. In addition to the main capacitor of overwhelming large capacity that is expensive, we used plenty of polymer capacitors that use state-of-the-art technology.

    How to use

    (1)Solder it to the battery (+) and battery (-) terminals of the ESC for your existing brushless motor.
     *You can cut extra code.
     *Please attention to polarity sufficiently.
    (2)MEGA Advantage Capacitor should be affixed to ESC or chassis with commercially available double sided tape.
    *When soldering, please be careful to prevent burns and injuries.
    *If the ESC genuine capacitor has already been installed, remove it before installing MEGA Advantage Capacitor.
  • Advantage Capacitor B

    End of production
    No. 45559
  • ESC

    MEGA Advantage Capacitor Manual

    Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart for selection

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